Philosophy 2801
Philosophy of Technology
Andrew Latus

Announcements: (a) The final exam will be held on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 9-11 a.m. in A-1043.
(b) Rewrites of paper #2 will be accepted until Dec. 10.  After this date, no rewrites will accepted without a valid medical or personal excuse.  If you submit a rewrite, you must pass in your original version along with it.

Course Materials

Course Outline - Section 1
Course Outline - Section 2
Information about the Class Mailing List
Paper Topics #1
Writing Advice
Information about the Quiz
Grading Abbreviations
Paper Topics #2
Exam Outline
Participation Grades
Section 1
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Reading Schedule
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Lecture Notes
A (Very) Brief Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Ethics - Part 1 - Objectivism & Relativism
Introduction to Ethics - Part 2 - Some Objectivist Theories
Introduction to Ethics - Part 3 - Going on From Here (Not Covered)
What is Technology?
Postman -  "Invisible Technologies"
Bush - "Women & The Assessment of Technology"
The Straw Man Fallacy
Winner - "Artifacts/Ideas & Political Culture"
Dyson - "Technology & Social Justice"
Technology & Rights
Technology & the Environment
Technology & Privacy
Artificial Intelligence
The Future of Work
Biotechnology & New Reproductive Technologies