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Welcome to Annie Mercier's Lab!

We are based at the Ocean Sciences Centre of Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada), overlooking the breathtaking and unpredictable Northwest Atlantic (but still only a few minutes away from downtown St. John's and the main campus).
Our research covers various fields in marine biology, with a primary focus on fundamental and applied aspects of benthic ecology (e.g. drivers of reproduction, larval ecology, population structure, species interactions, response to stress, aquaculture programs). We mainly study echinoderms (sea cucumbers, sea stars, etc.) and cnidarians (corals, sea anemones), although our interest extends to other taxa from tropical and boreal environments, and from the deep sea.
Over the years, we have also developed a fondness for hands-on training, and a passion for photography and outreach through several media, including books, popular articles, documentaries and conferences.
This website features the main research activities of the lab, some of our scientific publications, the lab facilities and focal marine species, team members, positions available, and contact information. For more details, you can also consult the academic website of Dr. Annie Mercier at Memorial University.
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