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The full list of scientific publications is provided HERE.
Below are examples of coffee-table books and popular articles, and an outline of scientific publications in the works.

Photo books and popular articles

Travel, writing and photography have become part of our work with the environment. My husband and I began this career by focusing mainly on the sea but ended up covering both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems to cater to several types of travel and nature magazines around the world (e.g. Canadian Geographic, Ocean Realm, Sea Frontiers, Aquaculture Magazine, Aqualife, Freshwater & Marine Aquarium, Aquarium Fish International, Scuba World, Photo Life, Explore and Islands Business). Since 1993, we have authored five coffee-table books and over four hundred popular articles, and we have amassed tens of thousands of pictures. More can be found about these realisations on the website of our society (SEVE).

In the works

Here is a list of some of the scientific papers we are currently working on, that are either newly accepted or pending acceptance (being revised), submitted or being prepared for submission (HQP underlined).

  • Sargent P.S., J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Life as a specialized predator of ascidians: feeding and reproductive adaptations in Velutina velutina (Gastropoda: Sorbeoconcha).  Pending revision.
  • Parzanini C., C.C. Parrish, J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Reviews and syntheses: Insights into deep-sea food webs and global environmental gradients revealed by stable isotopes (δ15N, δ13C) and fatty acids trophic biomarkers. Pending revision.
  • Ammendolia J., A. Brown, J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Vertical migrations in the ocean and the deep source-sink hypotheses: insights from pressure tolerance investigations. Submitted.
  • Sanamyan N.P. , K.E. Sanamyan, A. Mercier, J.-F. Hamel, E.S. Bocharova. Morphological and molecular assessment of large sea anemones (Actiniaria: Actiniidae) in Newfoundland (eastern Canada). Submitted.
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