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  2006-2011  Mercier-Hamelast updated:


While the scope of my work covers various fields in marine biology, my research has primarily focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of benthic invertebrate ecology (reproduction, larval ecology, population structure, response to stress, aquaculture, etc.). My studies have mainly concentrated on echinoderms (sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea urchins, etc.), although I have a complementary interest in molluscs, crustaceans and cnidarians from both tropical and boreal environments.


Over the years, I have also developed a fondness for hands-on training, and a passion for outreach and education through several media including books, popular articles, documentaries and conferences.

This page features my main research activities, my publications, my lab facilities, student opportunities, as well as information on marine inverts and lots of pictures from all around the world.

Have fun!