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 © 2006-2014  Mercier-Hamelast updated:


Bruno (MSc, 2013-15; PhD, 2015-) - holding a sea cucumber.

Jiamin (PhD, 2015-) - preparing to fix a sample.

Camilla (PhD, 2014-) - sifting through deep-sea samples for her food web analysis.

Justine (MSc, 2014-16) - with her poster on pressure tolerance.

Katie (MSc, 2013-15), Bruno (MSc, 2013-15) and Matt (MSc, 2013-16) volunteering at a beach activity for the World Ocean Day in 2014.

Emy (PhD, 2013-17) - thinking about echinoderm propagules?



Katie (MSc, 2011-13) - preparing deep-sea samples for isotope analysis.


Matt (Honours, 2011-12) - weighing coral sclerites.

Libin (visiting postdoctoral fellow, 2011/2012) - reflecting on sea cucumbers?

David (Honours and intern, 2011-12) - preserving sea urchin larvae.


At a 2009 gathering. Left to right: Zhao (PhD, 2009-12; MSc, 2006-09), Gina (MSc, 2008-11), Nikita (MUCEP trainee, 2008-10), Justin (MSc, 2006-09) and Phil (research assistant and part-time 'honorary' lab member).

Sandrine (PhD, 2010-14) collecting and analyzing deep-sea coral samples aboard the CGGS Teleost in December 2010.


Emily (Honours, 2009) at work on her egg predation project.


Zhao and Gina on the Anne Pierce in July 2008.


Meredith (Honours, 2009) at the computer.



Zhao (PhD, 2009-12; MSc, 2006-09) during a scientific cruise on the CCGS Hudson in July 2007.

Annie and the ROPOS.

Annie & J-F.



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