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Katie (MSc, 2011-13) - preparing deep-sea samples for isotope analysis.



Matt (Honours, 2011-12) - weighing coral sclerites.


Libin (visiting postdoctoral fellow, 2011) - reflecting on sea cucumbers.


David (Honours and intern, 2011-12) - preserving sea urchin larvae.

Sandrine (PhD, 2010-14) collecting and analyzing deep-sea coral samples aboard the CGGS Teleost in December 2010.


At a 2009 gathering. Left to right: Zhao (PhD, 2009-12; MSc, 2006-09), Gina (MSc, 2008-11), Nikita (MUCEP trainee, 2008-10), Justin (MSc, 2006-09) and Phil (research assistant and part-time 'honorary' lab member).



Weird critters are an integral part of the Mercier Lab!


Justin (MSc, 2006-09) studying sea cucumbers for his thesis work.


Nikita (MUCEP trainee, 2008-10) getting ready for a dissection.


Emily (Honours, 2009) at work on her egg predation project.


Zhao and Gina on the Anne Pierce in July 2008.


Meredith (Honours, 2009) at the computer.



Zhao (PhD, 2009-12; MSc, 2006-09) during a scientific cruise on the CCGS Hudson in July 2007.

Annie and the ROPOS.

Annie & J-F.



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