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People in the Mercier Lab

Team Members
Since 2005, when I started working at Memorial University, I have welcomed and trained numerous undergraduate and graduate students, research assistants and postdoctoral researchers. See the complete list of lab members and projects below.
Mercier Lab 2022
Postdoctoral fellows
Kevin Ma (2022-) -- Assessing the feasibility of a sea cucumber fishery in Nunavut.
Heather Penney (2019-22) -- Toward optimal handling and processing of sea cucumber in Atlantic Canada.
Jiamin Sun (2020-21) -- Composition and nutritional properties of commercial echinoderms from the Arctic.
Guillaume Caulier (2018-19) -- Exploring the sea cucumber C. frondosa as an emerging aquaculture candidate.
Emaline Montgomery (2017-18) -- Towards optimal handling and processing of sea cucumber in eastern Canada.
Ekaterina Bocharova (2017) -- Visiting from Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO).
Libin Zhang (2011 and 2012) -- Visiting from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS), China.
PhD students
Sara Jobson (2021- ) -- Behavioral, reproductive, and regenerative strategies in echinoderms: ecological and evolutionary perspectives.
Robert Trenholm (2019- ) -- Establishing a quality-centred approach to sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) harvesting and handling. Co-superv D. Dave.
Jiamin Sun (2015-19) -- Biology of the sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa relative to its potential use in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA).
Bruno Gianasi (2015-18) -- Exploring the potential of the commercial sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa as an aquaculture species.
Camilla Parzanini (2014-18) -- An integrated approach to studying the trophic ecology of a deep-sea faunal assemblage from the NW Atlantic. Co-superv. C. Parrish.
Emaline Montgomery (2013-17) -- An exploration of the morphology, swimming capacity and behaviour of marine invertebrate propagules.
Sandrine Baillon (2010-14) -- Characterization and role of major deep-sea pennatulacean corals in the bathyal zone of eastern Canada.
Zhao Sun (2009-12) -- Occurrence and significance of offspring size variations: insights from brooding marine invertebrates.

MSc students
              Sophie Wolvin (2021- ) -- Recruitment patterns on hard substrates in the deep sea.
              Kathryn Murray (2021- ) -- Impacts of wastes from anthropogenic activities on cold-water corals. Co-superv B. Neves.
              Guillaume Corbisier (2021) -- Study of stone canal and related systems in the sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa (visiting MSc from University of Mons).
              Noé Wambreuse (2020) -- Ecology and role of deep-sea pycnogonids (visiting MSc from University of Mons).
              Rachel Morrison (2020- ) -- A preliminary analysis of commercially and ecologically valuable echinoderms along Arctic coasts. Co-superv S. Grant.
              Kaitlin Casey (2019- ) -- Prevalence and ecological role of deep-sea echinoderms in the Arctic and NW Atlantic.
              Sara Jobson (2019-21) -- Markers of health and environmental stress in sea cucumber.
              Fanny Volage (2019) -- MSc internship from University of Western Brittany. Brittle stars from subtidal and deep-sea regions of the Northwest Atlantic.
              Brittney Stuckless (2017-20) -- Behavioural adaptations and species interactions in the deep sea.
              Janet Ferguson-Roberts (2017-21) -- Characterization of lecithotrophic propagules in echinoderms.
              Justine Ammendolia (2014-17) -- Life under pressure: responses of echinoderms to hydrostatic pressure and other stressors.
              Matt Osse (2013-16) -- Indicators of petroleum product exposure in benthic cold-water marine invertebrates.
              Katie Verkaik (2013-15) -- Impact of CO2-driven ocean acidification on reproduction in marine invertebrates.
              Bruno Gianasi (2013-15) -- Fisheries and aquaculture related biometrics of the sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa.
              Katie Gale (2011-13) -- Deep-sea Asteroidea of eastern Canada: trophic ecology and species interactions.
              Sandrine Baillon (2008) -- MSc internship from University of Western Brittany. Gametogenic synchronicity in deep-sea echinoderms.
              Gina Doyle (2008-11) -- Influence of environmental factors and spatial distribution on the reproduction of brittle stars.
              Justin So (2006-09) -- Determination of growth, habitat utilisation, predation and geneflow in Newfoundland populations of sea cucumbers.
              Zhao Sun (2006-09) -- Reproductive biology of deep-sea soft corals in the Newfoundland & Labrador region. Co-superv. E. Edinger.

              Honours students
              Sydney Sullivan (2022-) -- An investigation of the efficavy and stress effects of narcotizing agents in echinoderms
              Sydney Sullivan (2021-22) -- Burrowing and feeding behaviour of the deposit-feeding sea cucumber Chiridota laevis
              Kate Tobin (2020-21) -- Does time of collection impact the quality of the sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa)?
              Taylor Hughes (2019-20) -- Stress and immune response to air exposure in sea cucumbers.
              Tiffany Small (2017-18) -- Exploring colour morphotypes in the commercial sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa.
              Brittney Stuckless (2016-17) -- Components and drivers of locomotory behaviour in suspension-feeding sea cucumbers.
              Leah Robertson (2014-15) -- Feeding ecology of deep-sea sponges.
              Jessica Melvin (2013-14) -- A comparison of the cnidoms of four coastal species of sea anemone (Cnidaria: Actiniaria).
              Matthew English (2011-12) -- Comparative study of sclerites in deep-water pennatulacean corals.
              David Ross (2010-11) -- Egg size and reproductive strategy in shallow-water vs. deep-sea echinoderms.
              Sandy Hamilton (2010-11) -- Competitive aspects of shell selection by hermit crabs.
              Emily Doncaster (2009) -- Predation on lecithotrophic larvae.
              Meredith Schofield (2008-09) -- Feeding ecology of deep-sea symbiotic species.
              Meghan Goobie (2008-09) -- The ecology of brittle stars in rhodoliths.

              Interns, undergraduate research assistants and NSERC USRA students
              Amy Schneider (Research Assistant, Summer 2022)
              Alexandra Hahn (2021 - visiting MSc student from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Germany)
              Jillian Carter (MUCEP 2021)
              Ajatshatry Balaji (MUCEP 2021)
              Sydney Sullivan (MUCEP 2021)
              Andrew Tucker (MUCEP 2019-20)
              Devon Bath (Volunteer Summer 2019)
              Taylor Hughes (Volunteer Summer 2019)
              Sarik Shaikh-Upadhye (MUCEP 2018-19)
              Kaitlyn Curran (MUCEP 2018)
              Jennifer Wilkins (Volunteer Summer 2018)
              Kirsten Costello (Volunteer Summer 2018)
              MacGregor Parent (MUCEP 2017-18)
              Amelia Crabtree (Fall Vounteer 2017; Fulbright program)
              Tiffany Small (Volunteer Summer 2017)
              Natasha Baker (MUCEP 2016)
              William Balsom (Research Assistant 2016)
              Michelle Valliant (MUCEP 2015-16)
              Chelsea Bloom (MUCEP 2015)
              Leah Robertson (MUCEP 2014-15)
              Tyler Engert (MUCEP 2014-15)
              Jessica Melvin (MUCEP 2013-14)
              Violaine Pemberton-Renaud (NSERC USRA 2013)
              Edison Santos (Science Without Borders 2013)
              Hannah Anderson (Research Assistant 2013)
              David Forsey (MUCEP 2013)
              Philip Sargent (Research Assistant 2007-12)
              Christa Lee Spurrell (MUCEP 2011-12)
              Karalee McAskill (MUCEP 2010-11)
              Clare Lewis (MUCEP 2010)
              Chris Negrijn (MUCEP 2006-07)
              Nikita Laite (MUCEP 2008-10)
              Gina Doyle (MUCEP 2006-07)

              Founding Partnership
              Over the past 25 years, I have carried the best part of my work in collaboration with my husband and primary colleague, Jean-François Hamel.  We have conducted research in Canada, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Ecuador and many other countries. Together we have founded the Society for the Exploration & Valuing of the Environment(SEVE), which is dedicated to research and outreach. It goes without saying that J-F is an honorary member and close collaborator of the Mercier Lab.
              Annie & J-F
              Annie & J-F
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