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  2006-2014  Mercier-Hamelast updated:


CCGS Hudson / ROPOS 2007

See the feature we published on this adventure in the April 2008 issue of the Canadian Geographic.

This three-week cruise was funded by the DFO International Governance of High Seas Program (IGP, Newfoundland region), Science Branch and Oceans Branch of DFO Maritimes region, and by NSERC. Its general goal was to investigate the deepwater fauna of the continental slopes including several aspects of deep-sea corals (i.e., geological basis of their habitats, reproductive ecology, biodiversity associated with corals and coral habitats) in four regions of the Scotian Margin and Southwest Grand Banks of Newfoundland.

Aside from observing the deep-sea animals in their natural habitat, we were able to bring back several live specimens of corals and echinoderms to our laboratory for further study.