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  2006-2014  Mercier-Hamelast updated:


View the complete list of my publications on the my academic website.

UNPUBLISHED WORK - Below is a list of some of the papers I am currently working on, that are either pending acceptance (being revised), submitted or being prepared for submission. HQP underlined.

  • Montgomery E.M., T. Small, J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Albinism in the sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa. Pending revision.

  • Parzanini C., C.C. Parrish, J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Trophic relationships of deep-sea benthic invertebrates on a continental margin in the NW Atlantic inferred by stable isotope, elemental, and fatty acid composition. Submitted.

  • Parzanini C., C.C. Parrish, J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Investigation of functional diversity and nutritional content in a deep-sea macrofaunal assemblage through total lipid, lipid class, and fatty acid analyses. Submitted.

  • Montgomery E.M., J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Larval nutritional mode and swimming behaviour in ciliated marine larvae. Submitted.

  • Ammendolia J., J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Life under pressure: an experimental study of behavioural responses to hydrostatic pressure and other stressors in echinoderms. Submitted.

  • Gianasi B.L., J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Induction of spawning and oocyte maturation in the commercial sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa. Submitted.

  • Sargent P.S., J.-F. Hamel & A. Mercier. Life as a specialized predator of ascidians: feeding and reproductive adaptations in Velutina velutina (Gastropoda: Sorbeoconcha). In preparation.