Here are some recent publications:

"Multiple Propositions, Contextual Variability, and the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface" (forthcoming in Synthese)

"Millian Externalism" (in New Essays on Singular Thought, ed. R. Jeshion, Oxford University Press, 2010)

"Against Structured Referring Expressions" (Phil Studies, 2009, Vol.146: 49-74)

"Truth in Virtue of Meaning"(Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2008, Vol.38: 373-98.)

"Rigid Designation and Semantic Structure" (Philosophers' Imprint, 2007, vol.7 #6)

"Rigid Designation, Direct Reference, and Modal Metaphysics" (Pacific Philosopical Quarterly, 2005, Vol. 86: 577-99)

"Reference, Philosophical Theories" (in the Elsevier Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2nd ed., 2005)

"'Paging Dr. Lauben! Dr. Gustav Lauben!': Some Questions about Individualism and Competence" (Phil Studies, 2003, Vol. 115: 201-24)