Miscellaneous pictures, events and travels

Lab group, fall 2008

on the Great Wall with Hugh Whitney, 2012

in Bremen with Feng Chen, 2013

Canadian Sociey of Microbiologists 2011 Conference Local Organizing Committee

graduation party with 2008-2009 Honours students

Ya'an, China, 2012

Lab group, fall 2007

Lab group, summer 2010

with Alison Buchan on Sappelo Island, Georgia, 2013

on the Wadden Sea with Alison Buchan and Meinhard Simon, 2013

Aquatic Virus Workshop #6 in Texel, Netherlands, 2011

on sabbatical, with the Suttle lab at UBC, September 2016

Mobile Genetics Elements meeting at MBL in Woods Hole, 2015

Coral Reef Microbiome Workshop in Barbados, January 2018

visiting Qiang Zheng's group in Xiamen, May 2018