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Phil Branigan

Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics
Memorial University
St. John's, NL
Canada A1B 3X9

I've had the privilege of supervising excellent graduate students, who have written some very fine theses, as you can see.

Degree Student Year Thesis  
Ph.D Julie Brittain 2000 The Distribution of the Conjunct Verb Form in Western Naskapi and Related Morpho-Syntactic Issues. Co-supervised by Marguerite MacKenzie
  Ahmad Assiri 2011 Arabic Adjectival Phrases: An Agree-Based Approach.  
  Osama Omari 2011 Grammatical Subjects of Jordanian Arabic: Syntactic and Discourse Functions.  
  Yanxiao Ma 2019 Splitting light verbs in the Resultative construction  
MA Li Li Ma 1995 Duration and Frequency NPs and the Chinese Verb Phrase.  
  Douglas Wharram 1996 In the Event of an Event: a Minimalist Account of Subjects.  
  Kenneth Matthews 2000 The Syntax of Object Shift in Icelandic  
  Jane Bannister 2004 A description of preverb and particle usage in Innu-aim√Ľn narrative  
  Angelina Bursey 2004 Acquisition of Wh-movement in L1 German  
  Will Oxford 2007 Towards a Grammar of Particles in Innu-aimun. Co-supervised by Marguerite MacKenzie
  David Bowden 2010 On Quirky Oblique Subjects and ECM Complementation in Icelandic.  
  Daiho Kitaoka 2014 (Non)-Floating Numeral Quantifiers in Japanese.  
  Ilia Nicoll 2015 The Provocative Feature Deletion Model: A syntactic model of agreement alternations in noun incorporation contexts. Co-supervised by Doug Wharram
  Joseph Ajayi 2019 Preposition Stranding and Pied-Piping in Yoruba Focus Constructions