Dr. Craig F. Purchase

Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes

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Ecology & Evolution of Fishes – Biology 3715

This course examines the evolutionary history and ecology of the world’s fishes, with particular emphasis on those of ecological, economical and cultural importance to Eastern Canada. Topics include taxonomy, life histories, behaviour, zoogeography, evolutionary ecology, population biology, contemporary evolution, and conservation biology.


Next offered - Winter 2024



Estuarine Fish Ecology Field Course – Biology 3714

This course examines community structure, function and distribution of northern coastal fishes in fjords and estuarine environments. Emphasis on sampling, field techniques, taxonomy, quantitative characterization, adaptations and habitat relationships. A comparative approach will contrast fish communities from other areas. To be held as a two week field course at the Bonne Bay Marine Station.


Next offered – June 2024 at the Bonne Bay Marine Station



Honours Dissertation – Biology 499A/B

See guidelines for Biology Honours students.


Next offered – by personal request only



Field sampling approaches and applied statistical philosophy – Biology 7946 (graduate course)

This class is designed to teach students how to conduct field research well. It combines physical methods of gathering data with statistical philosophy to identify benefits of different approaches for even slightly differing hypotheses. It is field intensive, hands-on, and applied. The major focus will be on practical techniques and tradeoffs between data quality, quantity, costs, and ethical/environmental considerations. You will gain experience in critical thinking and field techniques; the biology of the organisms sampled will not be evaluated.


Offered at the Bonne Bay Marine Station in conjunction with Biology 3714 – June 2024