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2002 Winter Term

all four!

MUNCS Illustrated Vol.3 | INNOCENCE! lou is not innocent.
MUNCS Illustrated Vol.3 | IRRESISTABLE who, jeremy?
MUNCS Illustrated Vol.3 | TRANTASTIC! yet another bi-president
MUNCS Illustrated Vol.3 | ISLAND GIRL amanda can't escape

2001 Fall Term

MUNCS Entrance Exam We all knew it was time...
Advice for New Students Wankin' 1st years!!
The Truth about Labs.. Now THIS is academic integrity
Top Ten Suggestions for a Top Ten Mixer Poster you know Physics can't sink any lower when....
HALLOWE'EN MIXER CRAWL 5rd annual, might we add..
Rejected Seminar Topics Better luck next time, aspiring chemists..
Where are they now...? Gone (and we mean that in every sense of the word), but not forgotten.


MUNCS Illustrated II
  - Are four better than two?
Strike's Over!!
  - We're F**ked.
Bomb Calorimeter
  - No mere Calorimeter can contain Pat's Sarcasm.
Ice, Ice, Baby?
  - Our First Ever 90s Mixer.
Prez For Life
  - Sorry Neal :(
  - What would the CRTC say?
Win Al Stein's Money
  - OK, we know Al has no money.
  - MIXER of the Century (or at least the century club).
Darryl's Hot Tub Party
  - This is the best idea we EVER had!?!?!
  - Rejected by some, Enjoyed by others.
MUNCS Illustrated
  - Subscriptions available (Not really).
MUNCS Enquirer
  - MUNCS Goes Tabloid.
Valentines/Lisa's B-Day / 80's / Shooter Mixer
  - Exactly what are you pointing at Lisa?
Conway's Presents
  - No, that's not a pen in my pocket.
Men's Studies
  - Classes we would all register for!
  - we're just TOO lazy.
  - Almost like FUNland but NOT!
Crappy Hour Mixer
  - PFO!
Rejected Presentations from Chem Con '98
  - Finally lectures you won't sleep through!
Unstable Elements
  - Men and women, mostly women!
Banned Mixer Games!
- We'll play almost anything, except...
New chemical!
  - Found in Leslie's what?
Anti Valentine's Day Propaganda
  - Mmm!, Propaganda
Learning Difficulties???
  - Study of Beer's Law!
Guess That Chemist!
  - aka Name That Nerd!


A Classic from ????
  - Gary Lewis was probably around for this one.
Cold Fusion
  - The Official Beer of MUNCS!
A Reading From the Book of Dave
  - MUNCS 3:16?


Note: All posters that have been rejected were not rejected by theexecutive. Instead, SS would not give it their "Seal of Approval" for the usualBS reasons. Thanks to the internet, you now get the see our uncensored (& occasionallyuntamed) sense of Humor. Enjoy!

What's Up Chuck REJECT!
  - Doing a little praying?
Jeff 's Head Injury REJECT!
  - Still not 100% recovered.
Boom-Boom LaToosh REJECT!
  - Unlikely repeat with female Presidents.