Arrived September 2009, approximately 4 years old

I had been thinking rather vaguely about getting Sam a companion when I came across this ad in a neighbourhood store (click for a larger image):

There was something so cute about that face that I phoned the number, which belonged to someone living only a street away! Cinnamon had the run of an entire apartment, but needed somewhere with other people - and maybe cats. She spent much of her early stay under pieces of furniture, but there was no open warfare between her and Sam. If anything, she was the more aggressive cat, even though the shelter people asked if 'the tomcat' (ie Sam) would be able to accept her. Sam, such a laid-back and unaggressive animal, caused no problems whatsoever except when he simply couldn't resist chasing her beautiful big tail, much to her irritation.

Cinnamon likes attention, but on her own terms. She likes being petted, but not being picked up or held. She's inclined to be a little skittish sometimes - I've tried to take other photos of her, but the tiny sound of the camera turning on startles her enough to make her move away. This rather blurry picture is from a scan of the poster. I came across a copy of it months after I adopted her, and grabbed it so I'd have at least one photo of her!

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