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Laba, Martin

  • 'The Bayman Food Market is in the Townie Dump:' Identity and the Townie Newfoundlander, Volume 3, 1978
  • The Jokes and Joke-Telling of Jim Dawe?, Volume 1, 1976

Labelle, Ronald

  • Comptes Rendus: Les deux Traditions, Volume 8, 1984
  • L'eau de Paques: coutume religieuse populaire, Volume 2, 1977

Labrie, Viviane (see also Dufresne, Colette)

  • D'ou viennent les contes? Ce qu'en pensent les conteurs, Volume 3, 1978

Lacey, Laurie

  • Npisun (My Medicine): The Micmac Indian Approach To Health and the Maintenance of Well Being, Volume 2, 1977

Ladenheim, Melissa

  • Review: A Place to Belong: Community Order and Everyday Space in Calvert, Newfoundland, Volume 14, 1990
  • 'I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool:' An Ethnography of a Country Music Fan, Volume 11, 1987

Laforge, Valerie

  • Madeleine Doyon-Ferland, Volume 9, 1985

Lahaie, Rose Bilodeau (see Dufresne, Colette)

Lalande, Dominique

  • Regard Noveau sur l'ethnoarcheologie, Volume 10, 1986

Lalibert‚ Monique

  • Le poisson d'avril, Volume 5, 1980

Lamson, Cynthia

  • Bloody Decks and a Bumper Crop: The Rhetoric of Sealing Counter-Protest, Volume 4, 1979

Learning, Jeffery

  • Commmunity, Tradition, and Boundaries in the Karate Scene in St. John's, Newfoundland, Volume 29, 2007

LeBlanc, Julie

  • “Piss and Vinegar”: An Editorial History of a Graduate Student Folklore Journal, Volume 24-25, 2002-2003
  • Review: The Grateful Dead: The History of a Folk Story (Gordon Hall Gerould), Volume 24-25, 2002-2003
  • Review: Multicultural Europe: Illusion or Reality (László Felföldi and Ildikó Sándor, eds.), Volume 24-25, 2002-2003
  • Review: The Gothic (Fred Botting), Volume 26, 2004
LeBlanc, Julie M-A
  • A Night at the Georgetown Bakery: Preparing Montreal-Style Breads in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Volume 28, 2006
  • Review: Selling British Columbia: Tourism and Consumer Culture 1890-1970. Michael Dawson, Volume 28, 2006
  • Note: "Newfoundland Born and Brewed": The Place, People, and Products of Quidi Vidi Brewery, Volume 29, 2007

Lessard, Pierre

  • L'imagerie de devotion populaire de petit format, Volume 2, 1977

Lewis, Chris

  • 'Pissed Off': the ethnography of a heavy metal musician, Volume 16, 1993-1994
  • C. Marius Barbeau and the Establishment of the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies, Volume 18, 1996

Lord, Celine

  • Les Debuts du Cinema au Quebec, Volume 12, 1988

Lovelace, Martin

  • Review: Songs and Sayings of an Ulster Childhood, Volume 8, 1984

Luneau, Richard (see Dufresne, Colette)

MacDonald, Martha

  • A is for Alphabet Songs: Comments on Structure and Function, Volume 9, 1985
  • The Cape Breton Ceilidh, Volume 12, 1988

Machin, Lisa N. H.

  • Mascots: Artifacts of Identity, Volume 15, 1991-1992

Maciej, Richelle

  • Review: Views from the Steel Plant: Voices and Photographs from 100 Years of Making Steel in Cape Breton Island. Ronald Caplan, Volume 28, 2006

Mackinnon, Richard

  • Cape Breton Scottish Folksong Collections, Volume 3, 1978

MacLean, Stacey

  • Old and New World Highland Bagpiping (John G. Gibson), Volume 24-25, 2002-2003
  • Review: Comhla Cruinn (Gathered Together): A Cape Breton Gaelic Celebration (Various Artists), Volume 24-25, 2002-2003

Maligne, Olivier

  • Unite et Perspectives de la Recherche en Ethnologie, Volume 22, 2000

Marchand, Suzanne

  • La Saint-Valentin: Signification et pratique actuelles, Volume 10, 1986

Martin, Anne

  • Les Camps familiaux: libre choix et epanouissement pour les familles monoparentales?, Volume 16, 1993-1994

Martin, Gillian (see Kealy, Linda)

Martin, Peggy

  • Drop Dead: Witchcraft Images and Ambiguites in Newfoundland Society, Volume 2, 1977

Matchin, Lisa

  • Review: Hometown Horizons: Local Responses to Canada’s Great War. Robert Rutherdale, Volume 28, 2006

Matte, Lynn

  • Review: Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settles in Quebec. Margaret Bennett, Volume 28, 2006
  • Multimedia: Tie Me Down. Mike Hanrahan, Volume 28, 2006

Mason, Bruce

  • The Death of Folklore: A Response, Volume 22, 2000
  • Review: An Introductory Guide to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture (Storey), Volume 17, 1995
  • Review: UFOs: An Insider's View of the Official Quest for Evidence (Roy Craig), Volume 18, 1996

Maynard, Lara

  • Local Legends and Nomenclature of the Coves on the North Side of Torbay, Newfoundland, Volume 17, 1995
  • The Shack as a Reflector of the Social Development of Children and Adolescents in Newfoundland, Volume 19, 1997
  • When Death is a Family Tradition: Barry Skinner, Genealogist, A Legend in His Own Time and Space, Volume 21, 1999
  • Review: From Red Hot to Monkey's Eyebrow: Unusual Kentucky Place Names (Robert M. Rennick), Volume 21, 1999
  • Review: Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada: The Atlantic Canada Shipping Project (Don Walsh), Volume 22, 2000

McCarl, Bob

  • The Communication of Work Technique, Volume 3, 1978

McDavid, Jodi

  • Putting a Face on the Past: An Interview with Ronald Labelle, Volume 22, 2000
  • Review: Get Quiet and Listen (Lorie Kleiner Eckert), Volume 22, 2000
  • Review: Prayers in Stone: Christian Science Architecture in the United States 1894-1930 (Paul Eli Ivey), Volume 22, 2000
  • Theoretical Perspectives for the Study of Student Folklore, Volume 26, 2004
  • and Ian Brodie: Vladimir Propp, meet Happy Gilmore: Adam Sandler and Vernacular Cinema, Volume 27, 2005

McDonald, Diane (see Kelso, Julia)

McKechnie, Rhiannon

  • Within These Hallowed (and Haunted) Walls and Halls: A Case Study of Legends
    About the St. John’s Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Volume 26, 2004

McNaughton, Janet

  • 'I've Always Believed in Spirits, From that Time Anyway': aspects of belief in the song 'The Ghostly Saylors', Volume 6, 1982

McNeill, Deva

  • Review: Crosshanded (Anita Best), Volume 19, 1997

McNeill, Lynne S.

  • “I Knew it Would Be A Real Bonding Experience”: Utah State University’s
    English Department Pig Party as an Annual Rite of Passage, Volume 26, 2004
  • Review: The Ancient Fable (Niklas Holzberg), Volume 26, 2004
  • Fairy Tales and Feminism: New Approaches (Donald Haase), Volume 27, 2005

Mercer, Paul and Mac Swackhammer

  • 'The Singing of Old Newfoundland Ballads and a Cool Glass of Beer Go Hand in Hand': Folklore and 'Tradition' in Newfoundland Advertising, Volume 3, 1978

Momose, Sonoko

  • The Japanese House Wake as a Liminal Period, Volume 27, 2005

Moore, Paul

  • Authenticity of Folklore and Folk Songs in the Works of Stan Rogers, Volume 23, 2001

Moore, Sarah

  • Fish and Brewis: A Historical and Contextual Analysis, Volume 28, 2006
  • Multimedia: Ron Hynes. Ron Hynes, Volume 28, 2006

Moreau, Marie-Eve et Jules Caron

  • Edouard-Zotique Massicotte, Volume 8, 1984

Morin, Jean-Marie (see Allard, Clair)

Morissette, Maude Redmond

  • Les transformations du réveillon de Noël au Québec, Volume 28, 2006

Murphy, Clara J.

  • The Use of Fairy Lore in Margaret Duley's Cold Pastoral, Volume 7, 1983

Murray, Dufferin

  • Review: From Hell to Breakfast: A Taste of Sugar Hill's Texas Singer-Songwriters (Various Artists), and Visions of Love (Robin and Linda Williams), Volume 22, 2000
  • Review: The Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II (Web Archive), Volume 24-25, 2002-2003
  • Review: Vinyl (Directed by Alan Zweig), Volume 24-25, 2002-2003

Narvaez, Peter

  • Country and Western in Diffusion: Juxtaposition and Syncretism in the Popular Music of Newfoundland, Volume 2, 1977

Neal, David J.

  • The Politics of Pop Music in Canada, Volume 17, 1995
  • Review: Reading the Voice: Native American Poetry on the Page (Zolbrod), Volume 17, 1995
  • Review: A Shared Space: Folklife in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands (James S. Griffith), Volume 18, 1996

Nimführ, Julia

  • Les influences de la culture québécoise sur Emma B., Volume 24-25, 2002-2003

Nuttall, Deirdre Alexander

  • The Card Players and The Devil: A Comparative Study, Volume 18, 1996

O'Brien, Heather C.

  • Interethnic Folklore and Representations of Outport Life in Anastasia M. English's Only a Fisherman's Daughter: A Tale of Newfoundland, Volume 27, 2005

Osborne, Evelyn

  • Multimedia: Kenneth Peacock’s Songs of the Newfoundland Outports. Prods. Jim Payne and Don Walsh, Volume 28, 2006

Ouimet, Louise

  • Carmen Roy, Volume 9, 1985

Partyka, Justin

  • Review: l Feel Like Singing Today (Jim Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley), Volume 21, 1999

Pastinelli, Madeleine

  • Schizophrénie Disciplinaire en Perspective: Une Réponse sur la Professionnalisation de la Formation en Ethnologie, Volume 22, 2000

Piercey, Mary

  • Review: Goig River First Nation. Hadaa ka Naadzet: The Dane-Zaa Moose Hunt, Volume 27, 2005
  • Multimedia: Tagaq: Sinaa Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Volume 28, 2006

Pike, Robyn

  • “44 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”: An Analysis of the Collection of Three Students, Volume 26, 2004

Pocius, Gerald L.

  • Review: Can These Bones Live?: The Art of the American Folk Preacher, Volume 11, 1987

Pope, Peter

  • Hand Working Tools: Formal Analysis of a Core Tool Kit, Volume 9, 1985

Poulin, Anne Marie

  • Iconographie actuelle du Sacré, Volume 13, 1989

Pouliot, Vincent

  • Les Legendes de l'Ile d'Orleans: le discours d'une communauté contre les agressions, Volume 14, 1990

Poulsen, John

  • Holger Danske and Søster Kristella, Volume 24-25, 2002-2003

Powell, Lucy A.

  • "Empty Nets": The Songs of Jim Payne as Reflections of Politics in Newfoundland, Volume 17, 1995

Primmer, Gwen

  • Games and Storytelling at the Inshore Fishery, Fogo Island, Volume 7, 1983

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