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Volume 6 - 10

Volume 6, 1982

En exergue: L'ethnolgie que-recoise: un cas
          Yves Bergeron

Les Saints Guerisseurs: correllation entre la structure culturelle et l'organisation familiale au Québec
          Nelson Dawson

'I've Always Believed in Spirits, From That Time Anyway': Aspects of belief in the song 'The Ghostly Saylors'
          Janet McNaughton

Le Mardi Gras: fin du carnaval, début du caréme
          Lucie Dallaire

The Role of Watson Weaver, Itinerant Pedlar and Local Character, in his Community of Northern Nova Scotia
          Diane Tye

Examen Comparatif des Quadrilles charentais et Quebecois
          Helene Fournier

Rockbound, by Franker Day: Novel and Ethnography
          Nancy Watson 


Volume 7, 1983

Production d'une tradition ou prodution de traditions?
          Yves Bergeron

Death and Dying in Newfoundland
          Christine Cartwright

The Good Wake: A Newfoundland Case Study
          Anne-Kay Buckely with Christine Cartwright

Games and Storytelling at the Inshore Fishery, Fogo Island
          Gwen Primmer

No 'Malice in Wonderland': Conservation and Change in the Three Hallowe'ens of Ann Mesko
          Darryl M. Hunter

Folk and Tourist Art in the Life of Patrick Murphy
          Diane Tye

Architecture and the Corporate Power Structure: A Case Study
          Claude B. Flight

Albert Deschenes, Faiseur de Molons
          Bernard Genest

Le Temps de boucherie chez nos ancetres St-Edouard de Maskinonge
          Michéle Paradis Croteau

The Use of Fairy Lore in Margaret Duley's Cold Pastoral
          Clara J. Murphy

Le mythe comme genre du folklore
          Clair Allard et Jean-Marie Morin 

Volume 8, 1984

Marius Barbeau
          Lise Drolet et Claude Martineau

The Mass Media in the Folk Culture of Newfoundland
          Philip Hiscock

Edouard-Zotique Massicotte
          Marie-Eve Moreau et Jules Caron

Sources on Women in Newfoundland
          Linda Kealy and Gillian Martin

Le cheminemnet d'un fondateur: Luc Lacourciere
          Nicole Dorion

Some Aspects of the Use of Folklore in Harold Hardwood's 'Tomorrow Will Be Sunday'
          Roberta Buchanan

Suggestion for the Study of Traditional Boat Design
          David A. Taylor

Portrait de Robert-Lionel Seguin
          Yves Bergeron

Book Review: Songs and Sayings of an Ulster Childhood
          Martin Lovelace

Comptes Rendus: Les deux Traditions
          Ronald Labelle 

Volume 9, 1985

Portraits de Folkloristes Canadiens II
          Martine Roberge

Project Saskatchewan
          Elke Dettmer

Madeleine Doyon-Ferland
          Valerie Laforge

Ethnic Joke-Telling Among Canadian Children
          Carole H. Carpenter

Carmen Roy
          Louise Ouimet

A is for Alphabet Songs: Comments on Structure and Function
          Martha MacDonald

Simone Voyer
          Yves Bergeron

Hand Working Tools: Formal Analysis of a Core Tool Kit
          Peter Pope

Book Review: Morris and Mattachin: A Study of Comparative Choregraphy
          Colin Quigley 

Volume 10, 1986

Regard Noveau sur l'ethnoarchéologie
          Dominique Lalande

A Time of Restraint: A Survey of the Good Friday Traditions of Newfoundland
          Mary Kay-Roil

La Saint-Valentin: Signification et pratique actuelles
          Suzanne Marchand

'It's Almost an Art in a Very Strange Way': Conversational Genres in a Young Male Friendship Group
          Susan Hart

L'almentation et l'usage de la glace au Québec
          Yves Bergeron 

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