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Volume 10 - Issue 2
February 2008

Volume 5 - Issue 2
February 2003

Volume 5 - Issue 1
 September 2002
Volume 4 - Issue 1
April 2000
Volume 3 - Issue 2-3
February/May 1999
Volume 3 - Issue 1

February 1998
Volume 2 - Issue 2

June 1997
Volume 2 - Issue 1

January 1997
Volume 1 - Issue 2

April 1996
Volume 1 - Issue 1

October 1995
Transmission Prototype Issue
June 2005

TRANSMISSION is an occasional publication.  Submissions may be sent at any time and will be included in the next issue.  We welcome short essays, reviews, notes and queries, as well as news from folklore departments and fellow travellers across Canada.

Our thanks to Janice Esther Tulk for compiling back issues of Transmission and Kelly Best for posting them to the website. Special thanks to those who helped us track down missing issues: Jodi McDavid, Rhiannon McKechnie, Cindy Turpin, and Patricia Fulton of MUNFLA.

Please note that to the best of our knowledge, this is a complete listing of back issues of the Transmission newsletter. There is no evidence to suggest that additional issues of volume 4 were produced, nor that 7.1 or later issues of volume 7 were produced. Should you have back issues that do not apear on this website, please e-mail us at Culture & Tradition (

Correspondence may be sent to:
Culture & Tradition
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Box 21, Hickman Bldg.
St. John's, Newfoundland
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Culture & Tradition is published by the Folklore Students Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Annual Subscription fee is $15.00 ($25.00 institutional).  Editors welcome manuscripts on any subject of interest to folklorists, such as traditional arts, music, foodways, architecture, beliefs, oral literature, cultural psychology and sociological structure of regional ethnic, religious, and industrial groups in Canada.  Studies based on original fieldwork in Eastern Canada and reviews of relevant books, films or recordings are appropriate to the journal's focus.  Scholarly articles (submitted where possible on IBM or Macintosh diskette) should be 10-20 typed, double-spaced pages and may be accompanied by photographs or drawings.

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