VOLUME  22, 2000
This volume, the 22nd since the inception of Culture & Tradition 
in 1975, is partially devoted to reporting the outcomes of the May 2001
FSAC/ACEF meeting held at Laval University. 

The majority of the articles that make up this issue consist of
dialogues between students and professors on the nature of Canadian
Folklore and whether or not it should be professionalized and applied
outside of academe.


 John M. Bodner and Madeleine Pastinelli

 Student Roundtable Meeting, FSAC 2001
 On the Meaning of Folklore and its Significance in Finding Employment:
 A Reflection on the 2001 FSAC Student Roundtable

 Frances Cooper

 A Proposal for the Professionalization of Canadian Folklore
 Michael Taft

 Engineering Folklorists: A Reply to Michael Taft
 John M. Bodner

 Schizophrénie Disciplinaire en Perspective:
 Une Réponse sur la Professionnalisation de la Formation en Ethnologie

 Madeleine Pastinelli

 A Brief Response to Michael Taft
Ottoline Wilwood

 Response to Michael Taft's "A Proposal for the Professionalization of Canadian Folklore"
 Michael A. Robidoux

 The Death of Folklore: A Response
 Bruce Lionel Mason

 Response to Bodner, Mason, Pastinelli, and Robidoux
 Michael Taft

 Putting a Face on the Past: An Interview with Ronald Labelle
 Jodi McDavid

 Ideology, History, and the Discipline of Folklore: Reading Media Sense Fifteen Years Later
 Marc Kuly

 Unite et Perspectives de la Recherche en Ethnologie
 Olivier Maligne

 Folklore/Ethnology Studies in Canada: Toward a Pan-Canadian Interdisciplinary Future
 Report on the Results of Phase One

 Dr. Pauline Greenhill and Dr. Diane Tye

 Les Études de Folklore et d'Ethnologie au Canada: Vers un Avenir Pancanadien et Interdisciplinaire
 Rapport de la phase 1

 Dr. Pauline Greenhill and Dr. Diane Tye


 Get Quiet and Listen
 By Lorie Kleiner Eckert
 Jodi McDavid

 Exotics at Home: Anthropologies, Others, American Modernity
 By Micaela di Leonardo
 John M. Bodner

 Monsters and the Italian Literary Imagination
 Ed. Keala Jewell
 John M. Bodner

 Prayers in Stone: Christian Science Architecture in the United States 1894-1930
 By Paul Eli Ivey
 Jodi McDavid

 Tradition(s): Refiguring Community and Virtue in Classical German Thought
 By Stephen H. Watson
 Ian Brodie

 Village Elders
 By Penny Coleman
 John Drover


 Vertie's Dream
By Carol Elizabeth Jones and James Leva
 Holly Ding

 By Tom Sauber, Brad Leftwich, and Alice Gerrard
 Douglas Jole

 Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada: The Atlantic Canada Shipping Project
 By Don Walsh
 Lara Maynard

 From Hell to Breakfast: A Taste of Sugar Hill's Texas Singer-Songwriters
 By Various Artists
 Visions of Love
 By Robin and Linda Williams

 Dufferin Murray

 Rough But Honest Miner: Reclaimed Music from British Columbia's 1860s Gold Rush
By Richard Wright and Cathryn Wellner with Ken Hamm and the Wake Up Jacob Band

 Castles in the Air: Music & Stories of British Columbia's 1860s Gold Rush

 By Richard Thomas Wright and Cathryn Wellner
 Kati Szego

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