Papers presented

by David L. Thompson

to the Memorial University

Philosophy Department Colloquium

2016 Normative Binding

2015 Origins of Objectivity

2014 Contextualism Revisited

2013 Constitution of Objects by Systems

2012 Norms of Life

2011 Body as the Unity of Action

2010 Thought and Image

2009 Constructing Responsibility

2008 Causal, Teleological and Evolutionary Explanation

2007 What Makes Us Essentially Different?

2006 A Brief History of Mind

2004  “Intuition by Whom? Responsibility and the Role of the Self

2003 Selfhood and Rationality

2002 Overcoming our Childhood: Metaphors and the History of Philosophy

2001 “The Construction of Presence in Husserl and Dennett’s Rejection of Real Seemings”

1999  “Chomsky on the Infinite Use of Finite Means”
1997  “The Origin of Universals
1996  "Order Out of Chaos"
1995  "Individuality: Essence, Horizon and Language"
1993  "Freedom and Determinism: A Naturalistic Approach"
1992  "Cognitive Science: Brain, Representation and World"
1990  "Time in Physics"
1990  "The Phenomenology of Internal Time-consciousness"
1991  “Concepts of Nature: are Environmentalists Confused?
1985  "Intentionality and Causality in John Searle"
1981  "Psychological Facts: Variations on a Theme"
1980  "Descartes on Thought, Matter and Relation"
1979  "Some Theories of Meaning"
1979  "The Concept of Knowledge in the Sciences of Man"
1977 “The Body as the Active Principle in the Constitution of Perceptual Space
????  “The Body as Sensed and as Sensing”
1971  "How is Knowledge of Other Cultures Possible?"

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