David L. Thompson's Semi-academic Publications and Presentations:

1990  "The Ethical Dilemma: Teaching Morality in a Global Context,"  to the Social Studies Special Interest Council of the Newfoundland Teachers Association, St. John's, Newfoundland.
1989  "Neither confirm nor deny,"  The Evening Telegram, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1989-06-30.
1989 “Canadian funding of military R & D” to Newfoundland School debating team preparing for National Meeting.
1988  Talk: The Ethics of AIDS. Combined Integrated High School teachers workshop.
1988  "Nuclear Submarines: Jobs or a Snow Job?,"  The Evening Telegram, 1988-06-04.
1988 "Le consentement informe." (In French) To The Canadian Student Debating Federation National Meeting, St. John's, Newfoundland.
1988  Participant in Panel on Christian Just War Doctrine, St. Thomas' Anglican Church, St. John's.
1988  “Soviet Peace policy,” Sponsored by Memorial University Women's Association and Academics for Nuclear Disarmament.
1987  Interview (with Heidi Harley): "Peace in the Soviet Union," The Muse 37 (1987) #24 pp. 6-7.
1987  "How the Peace Centre Works." To Work Orientation Workshop.
1987  "The Soviet Union -- Peace Power or Evil Empire?" (With slides) Sponsored by St. John's Ploughshares Group. A report on my visit to peace committees in the USSR.
1987  "Nuclear Weapons in Canada's Ports," The Evening Telegram, 1987-01-31, p. A1.
Workshop: "Visions of the Future." To Student Pugwash Movement, Memorial University, 1988-11-16.
1986  World Food Day, Invited Public Talk "World Hunger: Whose Responsibility?" October 1986. (With back-up media interview).
1986  Invited talk to St. John's Lawyers for Social Responsibility, "Are Nuclear Weapons Illegal under International Law?"
1986  "Terrorist Defined: Reagan fits Meaning,"  The Globe and Mail, 1986-04-24.
1985 Memorial University of Newfoundland Extension, Workshop on World Hunger, "Learning Fair.”
1985 "The Legality of Nuclear Weapons," Invited talk to Physicians for Social Responsibility 1985-01-23. Also to St. John's Ploughshare's Group, 1987-01-08.
1985  Memorial University of Newfoundland Extension, Discussion Series on Suzuki CBC-TV Shows "A Planet for the Taking," Resource Person.
1981  "Loneliness and Cartesian Metaphysics,"  Invited Lecture to History of Psychology course, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
1980  "Nuclear Terrorism," The Monitor, St. John's.

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