SOCCER-COACH-L, the mailing list for soccer coaches

SOCCER-COACH-L is a mailing list for the discussion of coaching soccer (also known as football). It was founded in 1994 at wang.com by John Rogers, and moved in 1996 to its present site at Memorial University of Newfoundland (St John's, NF Canada), where it is housed on morgan.ucs.mun.ca as a mailing list running under listserv 1.8c. The list has over 1,500 subscribers, who discuss questions of all types related to this topic: fitness and conditioning, injuries, mental preparation, technical drills, tactics and strategy, team management, resource materials, coaching certification and so forth. Typical daily volume is from 30 to 50 messages, with a ceiling of 75 messages per day. A digest is available for subscribers who wish to receive only a single daily mailing. List members come from several continents and a wide variety of backgrounds; a majority are youth coaches, but a number also coach at the secondary-school and college or university level. The list is open to anyone who wishes to participate: the only requirements are an interest in soccer coaching and a willingness to tolerate a diversity of viewpoints about soccer coaching.

To subscribe to SOCCER-COACH-L, send the following command to LISTSERV@MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA:


where your real name replaces 'Your Name'. Questions about SOCCER-COACH-L can be directed to the list owner at the following address:


The list FAQ is available by sending GET COACH.FAQ to LISTSERV@MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA.

The extensive list archives contain all postings to the list since May, 1996, and can be searched. A file archive, containing files of interest to soccer coaches, is available to list members.

List topics

List topics have been implemented; all subscribers should read the list topics FAQ.

Recent additions

Download Stephen McNab's "The Canadian 'C' Licence"

An excellent account, in RTF format, of one list member's successful approach to this difficult course.

Download Christopher Williams' "Fartlek Training"

An excellent outline for fartlek training programmes for players U13 through U19, in RTF format

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