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Here's a few tips from list members on that eternal problem.

Date:         Sun, 12 Jan 1997 23:44:25 -0500
From: brownlee 
Subject:      Re: Fund Raisers

At 18:36 11.01.1997 -0500, you wrote:
>Nearby to our fields (45 minutes away) is the tourist town of Branson,
>Missouri, filled with theaters owned by (and nightly field by) such as Andy
>Williams, Roy Clark, the Osmond Brothers, Mel Tillis, Wayne Newton, Willie
>Nelson, Johnny Cash and so forth.
>Traffic is a nightmare. So, the Twin Lakes Soccer Club in nearby Mountain
>Home, Ark., has a successful annual fundraiser in which they raffle off a
>night on the town (dinner and a show of your choice) complete with a
>limosine. It is a great hit. The driver picks you up at your door, drives you
>to town, and waits to take you home.

Raffles, particularly with fairly significant ticket prices, are probably
one of the most efficient fund raisers available.  Two years ago at the
Soccer America Tournament Expo in Charlotte NC,  a speaker gave a
well-attended (packed) talk on successful fund raisers.  Some of his points
1) be positive and keep going
2) ask for goods and services if cash isn't possible - something in kind
3) don't be afraid to ask for a lot where appropriate
4) have a compelling story to tell


Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 07:28:55 -0400 From: BNX@AOL.COM Subject: Re: [COACH] Raising funds I had a parent suggest this one to me and we are going to try it out in a couple of weeks.... It's really simple and quite profitable. Bag groceries at Cub Foods for tips. The parent who suggested it said her daughter's church group made $400.00 on a Saturday afternoon! Can you imagine what a bunch of cute 9 year olds in soccer uniforms will bring? Obviously Dads and Moms will have to help as the kids would throw the can of beans on top of the bread and eggs. Brad Niedert Panther S. C. Oswego, IL
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 15:53:01 -0600 From: wrldscan Subject: [COACH] Freshmen on Varsity-followup Thanks for all the opinions. Selected my varsity team yesterday. Ended up easier selection than expected. Put 2 freshmen on the team. Outstanding players and mature enough to go one on one with the seniors, can't wait till the first game. Had an excellent fund raiser this past week. A free 2 day, 2 hours per day soccer camp for U8 and U10 given by the High School players, both boys and girls, under the direction of the coaches. We had over 100 kids show up and put them in groups of 8-14 with 3 High School players in each group. Our players received $10 towards their program for every little one that showed up. Great experience for both parties. By the way it cost every player this year $140 to play High School soccer plus the cost of shorts and socks. Hans
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 10:24:06 -0700 From: Joe McNallan Subject: Re: [COACH] team costs Since the subject came up I just thought I'd share a fund-raising idea. We just raised a little over $3600 (for 32 players) with a spaghetti dinner on Monday. In our case, we worked with a restaurant owner who is normally closed on Mondays(his donation). We pay his chef and our girls provide the labor force, set up, serve and clean up. We serve on paper plates and provide our own beverage (lemonade or ice tea in paper cups). We run three seatings of about 80 each, 5:15, 6:00 and 6:45, the girls show up to work at 4:45 and are home by 8:00. Dinner tickets sold for $8 for adults and $5 for kids, all you can eat. Prior to the dinner date we solicit donations for raffle and auction items which go on continuously during the dinner. The goal was for each girl to provide two raffle items and one auction item. We ended up with considerably more than that, almost every business we contacted had something they were happy to donate, either an object or a service. Small items were raffled, tickets go for a $1 apiece. Using a restaurant was nice because it's built for dinning. A school cafeteria will work fine with a little more adult work (like the cooking) but also more profit. Is this coaching related? If money is a team problem it is. Joe McNallan

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