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This Coaching Manual was a collective work created as a labor of love, and as a gift to the soccer community, by three groups of dedicated coaches. Most of the drafting work was done by a core group of coaches who have worked with the target age groups, and was supplemented by articles from other contributors who lacked the time to fully participate in the full project. In addition, a third group of coaches assisted in the editing of the Manual and/or acted as advisors for the final product.

We would like to acknowledge each of the members of these groups for their able advice, hard work and cooperation in putting together this Coaching Manual.

Particular thanks go to:

David Graham Editor and Webmaster for the Project
Chris Mohr Coordinator for the listserv used to prepare the manual
Chris Curran Division Chair - Practical Guidelines
Peter Drivas Division Chair - Coaching Resources
John Packer Division Chair - Very Young Child
Connie Matthies Overall Chair of the Manual
Member Contributors
Tom Bachey, Eric Blommer, Ritchie Brown, Jim Buckner, Marc Cadden, Chris Curran, Peter Drivas, Ed Drabek, George Gehrig, Jim Geissman, David Graham, Tim Henrion, Connie Matthies, Jim Meinhold, Chris Mohr, Mark Morin, John Packer, Bryan Pinn, Scott Placek, Carl Root, Gary Rue, Bob Sefczek, Gavin Spooner, Ron Tremper, Paul VanVeen, George Whitehead, Patty Wilber
Brian Arnot, Victor Aulestia, Tim Barnes, Bruce Brownlee, Perrone Ford, George Gardner, Howard LaGray, Vicki Leonard, Jim McQueen, Mike Paska, Roger Nelson, Gene Schwartzman, Fran Sepler, David Teetz, Don Vogel, Donna Woodka, Scott Zettlemoyer
Additional Contributors
William Albee, Juan Manual Arrieta, James Bjaloncik, Steven Carr, Martin Cluderay, John Durgin, Laura M. Gehrig, M.D., Shaun Green, John R. Green III, M.D., Denny Jones, Greg Lambert, Stephen McNab, Dennis Mueller, Pete Page, John Peachey, Frank Robinson, Dan Roudebush, James Shanks, Jamie Simm, Babar Suleman, Jonathan Wills

Updated 31 March 1999