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Sample Forms for Coaches

This is a collection of some typical forms that coaches will need to use over the course of a season. These are included here merely as examples, and you should feel free to modify them in any way that seems useful or appropriate to you, since your needs will almost certainly vary from those of each form's original designer, and in any case some of these forms may be superseded by material provided by your own club or association.

You may wish to include whatever material you decide on as part of an information package to be distributed at your preseason meeting.

Samples of the following forms are included here:

  1. Player information sheet
  2. Parent information sheet
  3. List of team rules
  4. Player agreement
  5. Medical authorization and release
  6. Practice and game checklist for players
  7. Sample practice schedule
  8. Uniform sign-up sheet
  9. Sample game schedule



Positions Played Last Two Seasons and How Often:

Goals Scored/Assists In Last Two Seasons:

Positions which I would like to play this year:

List Soccer Camps/Private Coaching in Last Two Years:

My strongest soccer skills are:

What types of soccer skills do you think that you need more help on?

How many games/practices did you miss in your last season? Why?

Have you tried out for a competitive team or do you want to play
competitive soccer at some point:

What did you like the most about your last soccer coach?

What did you like the least about your last soccer coach?



Phone # (Work/Home:

Child's Name:

Have you played soccer?

Have you been coach/asst. coach of any soccer teams:

Areas in which I am willing to help the team: (Check Boxes)

Making phone calls for cancelled games/practices

Helping supervise at practice

How often:

Helping make practice jerseys

Serving as Team Mom/Dad

Assisting Team Mom/Dad

Describe the personality of your child and the best ways that you have
found to motivate him.

Does your child have any disorders (such as hyperactivity) which can
create disciplinary problems? If so, PLEASE give medication before
practice/games, and please list the best ways you have found to deal
with these problems:


  1. Players must call if they will miss practice.
  2. If a player misses practice during the week, he must make arrangements with coach for skills work to do at home to cover areas missed.
  3. Team line-ups for games are prepared on Friday evenings before each game. Players must advise by 8:00 pm on Friday if the player will be unable to make game. Note: If player looks questionable due to illness or injury, please call in order to allow back-up plan if player is unavailable.
  4. Players are expected to show positive attitudes, and to follow directions given by coaches. The coaches will not permit whining, grumbling, horse-play, or other disruptive acts during games or practices.
  5. Players must show courtesy towards teammates at all times. Coaches will not permit name-calling, teasing, criticizing or other acts designed to hurt feelings or cause injury.
  6. All players must be willing to play all positions, and follow the assignments given by coaches. Over the season, every player will be on both defense and offense. The attitude of "I'm too good to play defense" is silly. All good players need such skills.
  7. All players will be assigned about 15 minutes/day of homework on specific soccer skills. Please encourage players to practice at home - this is the only way that they will improve their skills.
  8. Failure to follow Team Rules, and abide by the Player Agreement, may result in appropriate discipline (including reduced playing time). For severe and uncorrected problems, players could be asked to leave the team - although we hope this never happens.
  9. During games, players are expected to show courtesy to opponents and to referees. The decision of the referee is binding, so don't whine over bad calls.
  10. Parents should avoid any taunting of opponents or disagreement with the referees, in order to teach sportsmanship to our kids. All communications to our child or teammates should be general and positive ("Good pass", "Nice kick", "Way to go"). Please avoid giving coaching instructions or criticizing your child.


I am making the following promises to my coach and to my other team-mates as a part of my participation on the [insert team name] Soccer Team.
  1. I have read the Team Rules, and I promise to do my best to follow them.
  2. I promise to work hard at practice, and to follow the instructions of my coaches.
  3. I promise to do my soccer homework assignments so that I can improve my skills and become a better soccer player.
  4. I promise to call my Coach if I cannot make a practice or attend a game, and I also promise to call my Coach promptly if I have any questions, complaints or problems about anything relating to the Team.

Signature of Player


In connection with the participation of my son/daughter, [insert player's name] , on the [insert team name] Soccer Team, affiliated with the [insert club name] Soccer Club, this is to authorize the Team Coaches ([insert coach's name] or his/her designee) to consent to the rendering of any medical treatment which they consider to be appropriate, in the event that my child is injured or becomes ill during practices, games or other team activities. This is to further authorize any hospital, physician, emergency medical technician or other health care provider to provide such medical treatment and care as may be required for the health, safety and well-being of my child. I hereby release any claims which I might otherwise have against any such health care provider for the rendition of medical services to my child in reliance upon this Medical Authorization. I likewise release any claims which I might otherwise have against the [insert club name] Soccer Club, any Team Coaches or their designees for the authorization of such medical care or treatment for my child as any of the Team Coaches believe to be warranted under the circumstances.

I understand and agree that I will be financially responsible for all charges incurred in connection with such medical treatment. List name/address/phone number/Group or Policy Number of health care insurance carrier:

I further acknowledge that I have been advised that participation in soccer is inherently risky; that participation in this sport involves vigorous physical activity and hard physical contact; and that participants have been known to sustain serious or fatal injuries/illnesses in this sport. I hereby represent that my child is physically fit to participate in this sport. I understand and agree to release and indemnify [insert club name] Soccer Club and any of the Team coaches in the event of any injury or illness of my child arising out of his participation in Team activities.

My child's regular family doctor is:


His/Her dentist is:


Other doctors of my child are:

(Please list specialty).

My child has the following drug allergies:

My child is taking the following medications:

and has the following medical conditions:

Emergency contacts in the event that I cannot be located are:

Evening/Weekend Phone:




1. One-half gallon or larger water jug

2. Large towel to sit on for stretches

3. Small towel/washcloth (if desired) for drying off

4. Soccer ball - Size 4 (stitched are better than molded)

5. Old pair of pull-on pants for tackling practice

6. Shin guards (mandatory)






1. Players must wear the team uniform for games.

2. Players must wear soccer shoes (no toe cleats) and shin guards.

3. Remove all jewelry, watches, earrings, chains.

4. Bring water jug and equipment bag (see above).

5. If assigned day to bring half-time or ending snacks, players will need to bring this to bench area.

6. Most games will be played at [insert name of facility], located [insert location]. However, some games may be at other locations, to be announced after we get game schedule.


5:45-5:50: Roll call. Hand-in homework sheets.

5:50-6:10: Warmup, stretches, individual skills work.

6:10-6:30: Small-group activities/contests

6:30-6:35: Water Break

6:35-6:50: Large-group activities/contests

6:50-7:10: Scrimmage

7:10-7:15: Homework assignments; individual discussions

7:15: Practice ends


  1. Please pick up players promptly. Coach has to stay at field until all players are picked up.

  2. Please advise coaches of any carpool arrangements, so that we can contact the appropriate person if problems arise during practice (such as bad weather) where practice needs to end early or where player has nonserious injury (such as sprain/strain) and needs early pickup.

  3. If weather conditions are questionable for practice, please call [insert number here]. We will try to have a recorded announcement available if practice is cancelled.

  4. If you will be picking up player(s), please keep a "weather eye" out in the event of approaching storms during practice, and start heading for fields if storms appear to be approaching. Club rules (as well as common sense) do not permit players on field if there is nearby lightning.

  5. There are no adjacent buildings where we can take cover so we will need to try to cram players into any available cars if there is a sudden storm which requires us to take cover.


Note: Numbers are picked in the order that you sign up. Please check list before picking a number. If two players ask me for a number at the same time, I will draw straws or flip a coin.

[Record numbers, sizes, etc. and have players initial to show that they received the uniforms in good condition. If some parts of the uniform may be kept by the player while others must be returned, this should be clearly indicated on the sheet.]

Sample game schedule

GAME SCHEDULE: [insert team name here]

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before game time, to do warmups and get lineup instructions. Bring water bottle; wear uniform and regulation soccer shoes (no toe cleats); and bring ball (clearly markedwith name). Players bringing refreshments will serve as Team Captains for the game.

If you are scheduled for refreshments, and cannot make the game for some reason, it is your responsibility to trade with someone else on the list. Appropriate halftime snacks are orange slices, grapes or other fruit. End of game snacks are usually a can of pop or juice and (optional) a candy bar for each player. We have ten players on the team. Games will be on the U10 fields at the south end of the complex, either field 23 or 24. Please note that we will switch fields from week to week, so the field is indicated below.

[insert information about dates, times, locations, opponents and special responsibilities such as provision of snacks]

Updated 7 April 1999
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