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Soccer Videos


  1. North American (NTSC) format
    1. Eurosport: Has large list of soccer videos, including most listed below. Contact them at http://www.soccer.com/sport/category.html?cat=v
    2. Reedswain: Large selection of videos, including most mentioned below. Contact them at: http://www.reedswain.com/
    3. Soccer Learning Systems: Publishes International Tactics series. Also carries diCicco and Machnik goalkeeper tapes, as well as Coerver 1-2-3-Goal. Contact them at: http://www.soccervideos.com/
    4. Audio-Video Store - Carries Vogelsinger series and several others. Contact them at: http://www.olworld.com/olworld/mall/mall_us/c_audvid/m_avideostore/soccer.html

  2. European (PAL) Format
    1. UK Soccer Books
    Has multiple highlights and greatest goal tapes, principally of English Premier League. Contact them at: http://www.soccer-books.co.uk/document/videos.htm

Soccer Video Favorites

The Soccer Coaches List has held several discussions of the personal favorites of various list members, which may be found in the archives. Some of the personal favorites of longtime list members Bruce Brownlee, Dan Roudebush and Connie Matthies are:

  1. Beginning Coaches:
  2. Power Soccer Basics and Dribbling/Feinting by Vogelsinger; Teaching Soccer Fundamentals by Wiel Coerver (especially Tape 2- which illustrates slide tackles), first tape in goalkeeping sets by Machnik and DiCicco (which show beginning keeper skills). They also like Coerver's 1.2.3 - Goal series, but prefer the Fundamentals set.

  3. Intermediate to Advanced Coaches
  4. International Tactics Series (Dan only likes the tapes of Individual Skills, but Bruce and Connie like the whole set); FA Tactics & Skills series (especially the tapes on Attacking and Creating space); Zico's Brazilian Soccer tape; Coerver Drills Series; Plyometrics and Soccer Aerobics; Dutch Soccer School; Van Bolkum's "On The Attack"; and the remaining tapes in the Vogelsinger Video Coach series.

    Of course, none of these coaches has seen every video on the market, so this is just a sampling of favorites of these particular coaches.

Soccer Videos - NTSC Format

This is an overview of videos which have been seen by a number of list members, and are viewed as good additions to the coaching library. Note that many clubs and state associations have video libraries which may contain these videos, or others which are equally as good. Tapes usually can be rented for a small charge, so that you can decide if the video is one which you wish to add to your permanent collection.

  1. International Tactics Series
  2. One of the more popular coaching series on tactics and strategies. For intermediate-level coach and above (although newer coaches may find the individual tactics series to be helpful). Five tapes in the series (may be purchased separately):

    Tape 1 - Individual Attacking

    This video focuses on the decisions and choices of the player in possession of the ball. It presents concepts in a simple, logically consistent manner. The following areas are covered: Shooting, Dribbling, Passing to penetrate, Problems, Attacking excellence, Dribbling & passing to relieve pressure

    Tape 2 - Individual Defending

    This video focuses on the decisions and choices of the defender closest to the ball. It presents 143 concepts in a simple, logically consistent manner. The following areas are covered: Tackling, Denying the turn, Interception, Defending Excellence, Defending zones, Defending in the three thirds of the field

    Tape 3 - Group Attacking

    This video focuses on the roles played by supporting attackers in all phases of attacking play: 2v1, 2v2, Combination play, Role of the third attacker, Finishing central attacks, Finishing attack from the flanks

    Tape 4 - Group Defending

    This video focuses on the roles played by supporting defenders in all phases of defending. The following areas are covered: Covering, Marking, Tracking, Double teaming, Defending combination play, Balance, Compactness.

    Tape 5 - Methods of Training

    The training methods presented here, in combination with the concepts presented in the first four tapes in this series, will improve a teams level of play by increasing the effectiveness of training sessions. The following areasare covered: The nature of training, Correction, Tactical Training, Problems, Key factors, Flow, Organization of tactical training

  3. 1.2.3 Goal, The Coerver Moves, by Wiel Coerver (3 Tape Series, plus coach's tape)
  4. Tape 1: Covers the foundation of the Coerver method: ball touch and control, skills training

    Tape 2: Covers 1v1 moves; moves to get past and beat an opponent

    Tape 3: Covers putting it all together: creating and converting goal scoring chances

    Tape 4: (Companion tape to set of 3): Discusses the moves of the world's legendary players: the official "study at home" Coerver method training.

  5. Coerver Coaching Drill Series (3 tape series)
  6. Tape 1 - Builds on drills to teach basic skills contained in "1.2.3 Goal & Coerver Coaching" series

    Tape 2 - Shows more advanced drills to focus on footwork, as well as passing exercises

    Tape 3 - Shows even more advanced/complex drills to focus on basic passing/receiving skills, including lots of work with lofted balls.

  7. Plyometrics, by Don Chu
  8. An excellent tape for the advanced/high school level coach. Illustrates ways to build speed and explosiveness through jumping & stretching exercises

  9. Power Soccer Basics, by Hubert Vogelsinger
  10. A step-by-step guide to kicking, juggling, heading, passing, and trapping. Excellent tape for beginning coach who has not played soccer. Illustrates proper form for most standard soccer skills (other than dribbling); shows common errors and corrections.

  11. Soccer Aerobics, by Walt Chyzowych
  12. Shows exercises you can do with a soccer ball in your home or as a part of practice warmups to build endurance, agility, and flexibility.

  13. Soccer Fundamentals with Wiel Coerver (2 Tape Series)
  14. Tape 1 - introduction, basic techniques, suppleness & fast footwork, feinting

    Tape 2 - beating an opponent, sliding tackles, group games, kicking techniques

  15. FA Soccer Tactics and Skills (7 Tape Series), produced by Charles Hughes for BBC
  16. Excellent series for the intermediate to advanced coach.

    Tape 1 - Passing and support
    Tape 2 - Creating space
    Tape 3 - Goalkeeping
    Tape 4 - The Attack
    Tape 5 - Set Plays
    Tape 6 - Shooting
    Tape 7 - Defending

  17. Video Coaching - Vogelsinger (5 Tape Series)
  18. Tape 1 - Soccerobics: exercises with the ball combine soccer skills, aerobic conditioning, & physical development

    Tape 2 - Kicking: scoring goals, passing and interpassing

    Tape 3 - Dribbling & feinting: basic & sophisticated combinations

    Tape 4 - Ball control: receiving on ground, trapping, controlling in air

    Tape 5 - More advanced skills, including heading: chip passes, banana shots, side volleys, overhead scissor volleys

  19. Frans van Balkom's On the Attack (3-tape set)
  20. Tapes show principles of individual attacking particularly well, including feinting. Moves usually shown at least two different camera angles, at full speed and slow motion. Most of the moves are seen with different players as well.

  21. The Dutch Soccer School
  22. Shows common attacking patterns to finish to goal, with two, three, four, or more players. Many of the sequences numbered so you can transcribe easily. Filmed from two different angles, one high behind the goal, so you cansee the development of each exercise. You can develop movement off the ball, combination play, crossing attack, finishing, and 1v1 attacking stuff from this tape, and the goalkeeper gets a lot of work as well.

  23. Brazilian Soccer: Skills and Tactics with Zico (3 Tape Set)
  24. Shows multiple moves to receive and trap balls, and to move the ball in tighter spaces. Probably a tape for advanced players, or coaches of the same.

  25. Joe Machnik's No. 1 Goalkeeper (3 Tape Set)
  26. Excellent series on training goalkeepers. Nice illustrations of ways to show keepers how to set angles; proper hand position; proper footwork; diving saves; parries; etc.

  27. Tony DiCicco's Training the Goalkeeper (3 Tape Set)
  28. Tape 1 deals with beginning keeper training; Tape 2 involves more detailed training; Tape 3 focuses on training the keeper as a part of the team.

Updated 1 April 1999
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