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Web Pages of Interest to Coaches

NB: Pages are marked with a red dot are especially recommended.

National/International Organizations

FIFA The official web site of the FÈdÈration Internationale de Football Association

Coaching Association of Canada The web site of the CAC. Furthermore, there are some useful technical articles and soccer coaching tips.

United States Soccer Federation The United States Soccer Federation

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America Official site.

US Youth Soccer Association Official site. Contains links to state associations

American Youth Soccer Organization Official site.
Drills, Drills, Drills
  Jeff Pill's Online Drills A big collection of drills.

Soccerdoc's A couple of drills.

Planet Soccer - Coach Info Offense, defense and conditioning drills.

Fremont Youth Soccer League Unofficial web site containing some drills.

Alex's Coaching Corner A couple of defending and conditioning drills.

Fairfield Heat - Drills A selection of drills.

NJO Soccer - Coaches' corner A selection of drills.

Drills for Youth Soccer Teams Lots of useful drills for youth soccer teams.

Sports Hardware Many useful drills on this page. Company also has soccer uniforms.

Internet Soccer Clinics Drills and much more.

SoccerROM An online resource for soccer coaches. On this site you'll find a collection of exercises. Each month, six exercises will be highlighted for free. If you want to view all the exercises you have to subscribe (and pay a small fee.)
Articles/Advice/Coaching Manuals
  Exercises of the Day by Gary Rue Advice, drills, practice tips and much more.
  Gavin Spooner's U6/U8 Coaching manual Coaching manual for U6 and U8 coaches complete with practice plans.
  Wheatons Wings - Coaches The page for Soccer coaches on the internetsite of Wheatons Wings. There are, for example, a lot of articles on this page.

Tophat soccer club - Coaching Guide A coaching guide with for example NSCAA clinic reports.

Bill Lindsay' Coaches Page A soccer coaching page with for example a U6 Practice & Sample Game Schedule.

Coaching Perspective by Steve Sampson Article "United States soccer federation national identification and development focus" by Steve Sampson

Ohio South Youth Soccer Association The Ohio South Youth Soccer Association coaching information page

Oregon Youth Soccer Association The Oregon Youth Soccer Association. Contains a coaching Manual.

Easton Youth Soccer, inc. - Coaches Corner A few nice articles and some coaching pointers.

The Harvard Jedi Soccer Site A couple of pictures with drills and soccer tips.

Coerver Coaching Web Site A page about Coervoer Coaching. Coerver Coaching is based on the premise that team performance ultimately depends upon the individual players' capabilities and performance.

The youth-soccer.com Homepage A site devoted to information and literature on youth issues.

Jay's soccer page Some information about books, some drills and other stuff.

The Needham Soccer Club Coaching The NCS Coach's Corner includes some principles of coaching and some notes from NSC Coaching Clinics.

Summit Goalkeeping A page with articles about goalkeeping.

Tracy and Chris Ducar's Goalkeeper Articles Various articles about training and coaching the goalkeeper.

Carolina United U18Ladies Soccer Team A good goalkeeping site and various information about training and nutrition

Keepers Corner Articles and drills for keepers
Various information for Soccer Coaches
  The Soccer Coach Mailing List THE Mailing List for Soccer Coaches.
  Internet Soccer Clinics Various information for the soccer coach.
  Colorado Soccer Net - Coaches Corner A lot of information for the soccer coach.
  On the touchlines with coach Brownlee Lots of helpful material for the soccer coach.

SoccerClub! From the makers of SoccerCoach! Currently it has no contents.

Langley United Youth Soccer Association Nice information in the coaches corner. For example solutions for the most common tactical problems.

The Soccer Fan Source of youth soccer information for players, parents, coaches novice or expert.

Oceanside Revolution Contains an online soccer magazine 'Play Hard...Play Smart' and a player evaluation form.

North Texas Soccer The North Texas Soccer Association. Has a nice article about the game 4 vs. 4

A best page for soccer coaches networking on the net A listing of Soccer Coaches. This list can be used to contact soccer coach colleagues.

Complete Soccer Academy Complete soccer academy supports player development, coaching education, and equipment sales.

Ric Miller's: The Game Behind The Game A very good site for soccer coaches. Unfortunately it is no longer updated. But still a good site.

The Soccer Academy Has some coaching tips.

Decatur sports page Drills, activities and other useful information for soccer coaches.

Soccerconnection SoccerConnection is the Internet first all FREE online community connecting for example soccer coaches.

Schools Football Initiative An on-line coaching pack covering over 60 practices (if you register) from warm-up to competitive games.

Space City Soccer An online soccer magazine dedicated to youth soccer and all those directly involved with the sport.

PC Leagues - Scott's Soccer Clinic Monthly soccer training articles by Scott Zettlemoyer. On this site you can also download PC Leagues Administrator software.

Coaching Science Abstracts Abstracts of research articles on sports science.
Laws/Rules of the Game

Laws of the Game Official Laws of the Game from FIFA

Laws of the Game Q&A Official supplement to FIFA Laws of the Game

Coaches' FAQ on the Laws of the game Collective effort by a group of soccer coaches to answer frequently asked questions about the Laws of the Game

Summit Soccer Shootout Rules Abbreviated rules for 3v3 tournaments

Goal Oriented 3v3 and 4v4 Rules Full set of rules for small sided games

The Official U.S. Youth Soccer 4v4 Program under eight. see title.
Health and Safety

The Hydration Page Facts concerning the water intake needs of athletes.

Articles on Soccer in Medical Literature A listing of citations to articles in the medical literature dealing with various aspects of soccer. However, if you want to read the article you have to order it.

Carolina United Has articles on nutrition and dealing with hot and cold weather.
Soccer News

ESPN Soccer News Web site for cable television network. International, MLS, etc.

Soccer Times International, MLS, and NCAA news

Soccer America Online Soccer in the US: national team, MLS, club, etc.

Canada Kicks Mainly but not exclusively about soccer in Canada.
Soccer Equipment/Books / Videos / Cards

TSI Soccer Soccer equipment, uniforms, books, videos, etc.

Reedswain Soccer video, books and software.

Soccer Learning Systems Books on soccer.

Soccer Learning Systems Videos & CD-ROMs on soccer

Just for Kicks

Eurosport Soccer equipment, uniforms, etc.

Soccer Village Soccer equipment, uniforms, etc.

Soccer Madness Soccer equipment, uniforms, etc.

Coaching Cards for Soccer This company offers practice drills on pocket-size cards.

Sport Development Publications Books with complete soccer practices and games for the beginning, novice or advanced soccer coach.

Coach's Edge Software for (soccer) coaches. For example Assistant Coach '98 and Coach's Edge.

All-Pro Software StatTrak for Soccer is a soccer statistics management system for league, tournament, and individual teams.

Axia Knowledge Products Know Your Soccer is a way to have fun on your computer and learn the soccer moves you need to know from the pros.

All stats soccer coach ALL STATS Soccer Coach for Windows is designed to reduce the amount of time managers and coaches spend making up schedules, phone lists, rosters and so on.

Playmaker PlayMaker is a combination of a coach's clipboard, gameboard and file folder.

A Colorful Sports Book Series Instructional Coloring Books for Children, Parents & Coaches.

Kwik Goal Goal of many sizes, training equipment, tips.

Goal Oriented, Inc Small sided portable goals, training equipment

Direct Kick Monthly newsletter for soccer coaches. Every month they display a free 'play of the month' on their site.

Success in Soccer The primary goal of SiS is to enhance American and International soccer players knowledge and ability to master the game by educating their coaches.

The Soccer Coaching Pages On-line coaching magazine edited by Dutch coach Paul van Veen.


Atlanta Cup

"Robbie" Tournament

USYSA Sanctioned Tournament List

IYSA Sanctioned Tournaments

Bethesda Dragons Tournament Page

Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association Tournaments
Pages with links to other sites

Ron Tremper's Internet Resources for CoachesLinks to a variety of coaching resources

Newfoundland Soccer Association Coaching LinksLinks to a variety of soccer web sites
Non-English Soccer Coaching Sites

De Trainer/Coach HomepagePaul van Veen's Page for Coaches (in Dutch)

Updated 1 April 1999
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