Search MUN's Phone Book with Sherlock

Read this junk first

If you're a Mac user running System 8.5 or later, you can download this Sherlock "search site" plugin to search the MUN White Pages by last name to find people's email addresses and phone numbers. Click one of the links below to download the file, which is called "MUNpeople.src", decompress it using Stuffit or another similar utility, and drop it into your system folder. Then start up Sherlock, activate the file, which will appear in the list of plugins as "MUN White Pages", type in a last name and bingo!

NB: this is a "quick and dirty" hack, and is presented "as is" with no warranty whatsoever that it will work as advertised, or at all. It was written following instructions by Gord Lacey, and works fine for me. It has no frills -- you can't specify a first name, or a department, or use the "sounds like" feature. But it sure beats having to go to the MUN web site!


If neither of these solutions works for you, send me some mail and I'll send you the file.

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Page created 14 April 1999