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Publications, Documentaries, Papers, Media, etc.

The following is a list of my published (or soon to be published) works, a list of papers that I have given at conferences, and other related activities (documentaries, media interviews, etc). I am including only material on Dracula/Gothic literature since 1994. [Before that, my scholarly work - including several books and dozens of articles and reviews - was in the field of Newfoundland literature.]

(updated 18 June 2009)


Participant/consultant, "Dracula: The Vampire & the Voivode" (UK, Teleg 2008)

Participant in documentary for LucasFilms (Young Indiana Jones)- 2007

Participant in documentary for Discovery UK - 2007

Participant in "Is it Real? Vampires" for National Geographic Channel, October 2006

Participant in "Summer of the Vampire" - ABC "20/20" (August 2005)

Participant in "Bram Stoker" for A&E Biography series (2004)

Participant in documentary (DVD) for the movie "Van Helsing" (2004)

Participant in documentary "Bats, Rats and Bugs!" The History Channel (October 2003)

Subject of documentary on Life TV network's "Magnificent Obsessions" (November 2002)

Participant in documentary "Vampires Among Us" on The Learning Channel, November 2002

Participant in TV documentary on Dracula for National Geographic (November 2002)

Subject of documentary on "Outfront" (CBC radio, October 2002)

Participant in panel discussion on "Dracula" - CBC-TV "Opening Night" - 28 February 2002

Special guest on "Reach for the Crypt" (a Gothic game show) - Book Television, October 2001.

Participation in "Great Books: Dracula" - a television documentary. The Learning Channel, August 1999.

Participation in "Places of Mystery: Dracula's Castle" - a television documentary - 2001.

Participation in a documentary for Korean National TV, aired in August 2000.

Participation in a documentary for BBC Radio, aired in August 2000.


Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Documentary Journey into Vampire Country and the Dracula Phenomenon. New York: Pegasus, 2009.

Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula: A Facsimile Edition. Co-edited, transcribed & annotated with Robert Eighteen-Bisang. Published in USA and UK by McFarland.

"Getting to Know the Un-dead". In Vampires: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil edited by Peter Day. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2006. 3-19.

Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Documentary Volume. Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol 304. Detroit: Gale, 2005.

A Dracula Handbook. Xlibris, 2005.

Dracula: Sense & Nonsense. Westcliff-on-Sea, UK: Desert Island Books, 2000. Revised 2004

"(Un)tot auf ewig? Hundert Jahre Dracula und kein Ende." In Draculas Wiederkehr, ed. T LeBlanc, C Ruthner & B Twrsnick. Wetzlar (Germany), 2003. Pp. 9-27.

"Vampire Hunting in Transylvania." In Newfoundland Quarterly, Dec 2002, pp. 33-35.

Excerpts from Dracula: Sense & Nonsense in Three Vampire Tales. Boston: Houghton Mifflin (New Riverside Editions), 2002. Pp 47-56.

"Shapeshifting Dracula: The Abridged Edition of 1901." In The Fantastic Vampire, ed James Craig Holte. Greenwood Press, 2002. Pp 3-9.

Dracula. 134 illustrations. New York: Parkstone Press, 2001. Also available in French and German editions.

"Back to the Basics: Re-Examining Stoker's Sources for Dracula." Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 10.2 (1999): 187-196.

Dracula: The Shade and the Shadow. A collection of twenty papers from "Dracula 97". Westcliff-on-Sea, Gt. Britain: Desert Island Books, 1998.

"Bats, Vampires and Dracula." The Night Flyer: News for the Friends of Florida's Bats Vol 3, No 4 (Fall 1998): 1-3.

Reflections on Dracula. White Rock, BC: Transylvania Press, 1997.

"The Transylvanian Society of Dracula." In Bram Stoker's Dracula: Sucking Through the Century, ed Carol M. Davison. Dundurn Press, 1997.

Blood Offerings for Dracula: Winning Entries for the Count's Creative Writing Contest. Los Angeles: TSD Publications, 1997.

"Dracula: The History of Myth and the Myth of History." Journal of the Dark No. 9 (Spring 1997).

"A Genese do Conde Dracula." [Translated into Portuguese by Carla C. Periera Gonzales] Megalon no. 43 (February 1997).

"Frankenstein and Dracula: A Question of Influence." In Visions of the Fantastic, edited by Allienne Becker. Greenwood Press, 1996.

"Foreword" to Lord of the Vampires by Jeanne Kalogridis. Delacorte Press, 1996.

"The Genesis of Count Dracula." Lumea (Bucharest, Romania) September 1996.

Vampires for the Nineties." Pro Cinema (Bucharest, Romania) August 1996.

Review of Gothic Bodies by Steven Bruhm. English Studies in Canada (March 1996).

"The Genesis of Dracula." Transylvanian Journal: Dracula and Vampire Studies October 1995.

"The World Dracula Congress." Locus August 1995.

"Narrative Strategies in Dracula." Udolpho September 1995.


On numerous occasions I have given a slide presentation entitled "Dracula: Fact or Fiction?" which includes a number of slides from trips to Transylvania. Venues include schools, universities, bookstores, libraries, community groups, etc. in locations throughout Canada and the United States.


Lecture: "Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula." National Library of Ireland, April 2009.

Conference paper: "Dracula: From Notes to Novel." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando FL 2008.

Lecture: Bram Stoker and the Writing of Dracula." Purdue University, April 2006.

Lecture: "Dracula: Fact and Fiction". Mensa National Convention, May 2005

Lecture: "Dracula: Fact and Fiction". Mensa (Toronto), September 2005

Paper: "Bram Stoker's Van Helsing." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale, March 2005.

Paper: "Buffy's Literary Credentials - Buffy vs Dracula." International conference on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Nashville, May 2004

Paper "Getting to Know the UnDead: Bram Stoker, Vampires and Dracula". Keynote address at Conference on Vampires, Budapest Hungary, May 2003

Keynote address: "Setting the Record Straight: Bram Stoker, Dracula and Transylvania." Third World Dracula Congress, Sighisoara (Transylvania), May 15, 2003

"Bram Stoker and his Notes for Dracula." Dept of English, McGill University, Montreal, April 2003.

"Michel Beheim and the Dracula Connection." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale, March 2003.

"The hack and the classic: Bram Stoker and the Writing of Dracula." Lansdowne Lecture series, University of Victoria (BC), October 2002.

"The Origins of Dracula." Dept of English, University of British Columbia, November 2002.

"Intimations of Immortality: Vlad Tepes, Vampires and Dracula." TSD Colloquium, Sinaia (Romania), May 2002.

"Black, red and green? An eco-critical reading of Dracula." International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale FL, March 2002.

"Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Victorian Stage." Victorian Studies Association of Ontario, Toronto, February 2002.

"Bram Stoker and the Irish Roots of Dracula." Irish Newfoundland Association, January 2002.

"The Influence of Dracula on 20th-Century Vampire Literature." Convention on the Literary Vampire, Grunberg, Germany, May 4-6, 2001.

"Vlad the Impaler: From Military Hero to Pop Culture Icon." TSD Symposium, Sighisoara Romania, May 9-11, 2001.

"Worshipping at the Shrine of St Bram." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale FL, March 2001.

"Dracula: Red, black, and ... green?" Division of Environmental Studies, University of Toronto, February 2001.

"The Origins of Dracula." Merril Collection, Toronto Public Library, February 2001.

"Dracula: Fact and Fiction." A prelude to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's performances of "Dracula". St John's and Corner Brook, NF, Sept-Oct 2000.

"Dracula: Sense & Nonsense." 2nd World Dracula Congress, Romania, May 2000.

"The Genesis of Dracula in Literature, History and Folklore." Guest lecture, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland, May 2000.

"Dracula: Fact and Fiction." Playwrights Circle, The Stratford Festival, Stratford (Ontario), August 1999.

"Biting Humor: What's so funny about Count Dracula?" International Society of Humor Studies, Oakland CA, June 1999. "Coffin Nails: Smokers and Non-smokers in Dracula". International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale FL, March 1999.

"Dracula: Its Origins and its Successes." After-dinner speech on Opening Night of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "Dracula", October 1998.

"The Origins of Dracula in Literature, History and Folklore." Guest lecture at Honors College, University of Houston, September 1998.

"The ever-widening circle: Why Dracula Will Not Die." Dracula Symposium, Castle Dracula Hotel, Borgo Pass, Transylvania (Romania), May 1998.

"Back to the Basics: Re-examining Stoker's Sources for Dracula." ICFA (Ft Lauderdale), March 1998. "Why Stoker's Dracula Has Endured." Conference on the Fantastic, Wetzlar (Germany), September 1997.

"Filing for Divorce: Vlad Tepes vs Count Dracula." DRACULA 97, Los Angeles, August 1997.

"Representations of Transylvania in Western Literature from William Shakespeare to Bram Stoker." Third International Conference of Romanian Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, July 1997.

[A version of this paper was given at a Bram Stoker conference at Boston College, November 1997.]

"100 Years and Counting: The Endurance of Dracula." Bram Stoker International Summer School, Dublin, Ireland, June 1997.

"Shapeshifting text: The 1901 edition of Dracula". International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, March 1997.

[A version of this paper was given at the annual conference of the Association of Canadian University Teachers of Engish, at the Congress of Learned Societies, June 1997.]

"Filing for Divorce: Vlad Tepes vs Count Dracula." Dracula Symposium, Bistrita (Transylvania, Romania), May 1996.

"Evolution of Gothic Fiction in the 19th Century." Guest lecture. Department of English, University of Transylvania, Brasov (Romania), May 1996.

"Deconstructing Dracula's Castle." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale FL, March 1996.

"The Literary Vampire and British Romanticism." Guest lecture, Department of English, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg FL, March 1996.

"The Politics of Dracula: Romania, the Media, and the World Dracula Congress." Society for Romanian Studies, Romanian Embassy, Washington D.C., October 1995.

"Who Owns the Count?" Bram Stoker Summer School, Dublin (Ireland), June 1995.

"The Genesis of Dracula." World Dracula Congress, Bucharest (Romania), May 1995.

"The Influence of Shakespeare on Dracula." International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts, Ft Lauderdale FL, March 1995. [same paper given as Guest Lecture, Dept of English,University of South Florida, Tampa]

"Dracula Legends and Transylvanian Folklore." Folklore Symposium, Memorial University of Newfoundland, November 1995.

"Literary Influences on Dracula." Bram Stoker Summer School, Dublin, June 1994.

"A Tale of Two Monsters: The Influence of Frankenstein on Dracula." ICFA, Ft Lauderdale, March 1994.

"Textual Appropriation in Frankenstein and Dracula." Department of English Colloquium, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


I have given lectures and/or conducted class visitations at the following universities in North America: Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Toronto, York University, Brock University, McMaster University, McGill University, Universite de Montreal, Simon Fraser, University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, University of Winnipeg, University of South Florida, East Carolina University, Eastern Kentucky University.

PRE-SHOW CHATS for Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "Dracula" - British Columbia tour - March 2007

Audience lectures for Northern Plains Ballet's "Dracula" - Bismarck ND - October 2006

PRE-SHOW CHATS for Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "Dracula" - Detroit - September 2006

PRE-SHOW CHATS for Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "Dracula" for Newfoundland Tour (Corner Brook, Gander, St John's) Sept 30-Oct 3, 2000)

PRE-SHOW CHATS for "Dracula" at the Hummingbird Centre, Toronto (March 2000)

PRE-SHOW CHATS for "Dracula" at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa (March 1999)

PRE-SHOW CHATS for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "Dracula" (Winnipeg, October 21-15, 1998)

ENTRIES on "Elizabeth Miller":

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Canadian Who's Who (U of Toronto Press, 1997)

The Who's Who of Canadian Women (Toronto, 1995, rev 1997)

Dictionary of International Biography (Cambridge, 1997)

Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador

ARTICLES featuring
Elizabeth Miller:

"Queen of the Vampires." The Bulletin, University of Toronto, September 2005.

"Undead and Unseen." Maclean's, 6 June 2005.

"An old story gets new blood." Newsday, New York, 15 August 2004

"Hold the Bloody Mary." New York Times, 26 May 2002

"Dracula expert sheds light on vampire fact and lore." State Press (Arizona State University newspaper), 1 November 2001

"Vampires finally get credit." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 31 October 2001

"Death by seduction." New University Newspaper (U of California, Irvine), October 2001

"Reality Check." Soap Opera Digest, 23 October 2001

"Dracula was no vampire: scholar." Ottawa Citizen, 16 June 2000.

"Encounter: Interesting people with unusual lives and plenty to say." Spotlight (Munich, Germany) July 1999.

"The Heirs of Dracula." Fanfares (official newsletter of the Stratford Festival), Summer 1999.

"Interview with the Vampire Lady." Chatelaine, June 1998.

"Scholar with a Stake in Dracula." Globe & Mail (Toronto), 29 July 1997.

Daniel Richler, "Dracula's Heart of Darkness." Shift, May 1997.

Anna-Liza Kozma, "Bloody world travelers honor Baroness of House of Dracula." Chicago Tribune, 6 August 1995.

Jaquin Sanders, "She sinks her teeth into her work." St. Petersburg Times, 11 April 1995.

"Portrait: Blood Type." Canadian Airlines In-flight Magazine, March 1995.

"Dracula student given top honour." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 7 June 1995.

"Professor starts Dracula Society." Canadian Press story, July 1995

(appeared in several Canadian newspapers).

Dagger Divider

I have been interviewed by Los Angeles Times, US News and World Report, Irish Times, Ottawa Citizen, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Maxim, Soap Opera Digest, Sacramento Bee, Orlando Sentinel, Ottawa Sun, TV Ontario, CBC Newsworld, New York Newsday, Canada A.M., ABC News, NPR, as well as dozens of local radio, TV and print media in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Germany and Romania. My work has also been mentioned in USA Today and has been cited in several recently published scholarly works on Dracula in North America and Europe.

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