Hi, it is us again from St.Paul's school. Myself,( Ian ), has come up with another problem for you to solve. Right now it is silent reading for us in school. We were supposed to have gym. Our teacher for gym is Mr.Williams. He is nice but sometimes he makes really weird jokes. We laugh anyways. He is in our class right now while students read and he let us come down to the computer lab to type up this problem. I hear that a lot of people are alike no matter where they live. Shall we see? I enjoy reading, video games, and I also enjoy movies. Are my interests similar to yours? Do you enjoy the same things that I do? I would love to hear your response. Please include some interests of your own as these are not all mine. In the meantime here is a math problem.
Joe can clean a ball field in 5 hours and John can do the same job in 3 hours. How fast can they do it together? {I know the long way, please show me a short cut. The answer is in a recent baseball movie.}