Our names are Ann Marie, Valerie, and Penny. We are all involved in a lot of sports. Valerie and Penny both ran in track and field. Ann Marie plays soccer (her favorite sport). We all play on the volleyball team and the basketball team. Basketball is Valerie's favorite sport while football is Penny's. We enjoy hanging out with friends on the weekends and we like to go out to Memorial University basketball games. We all love listening to music. Our favorite groups are Hootie and the Blowfish, Joan Osbourne, Twisted Sister, The Beatles, and of course Boyz To Men. We stick to the basic clothing styles. Usually jeans, tee-shirts, with sweatshirts and, to top it off, black sneakers. The television shows here are really great. Some of our favorite shows are The Simpsons, New York Undercover, and Melrose Place. In the season premier of Melrose Place, Kimberly blew up Amanda's housing complex. To do this she used quite a large amount of explosives.
Here is our problem :If the area of this housong complex is about 100m by 150m how many sticks of dynamite did she need if each stick can blow up 5 square meters. Hope you can figure it out. Keep in touch.
From your pals in Newfoundland, Penny , Valerie, and Ann Marie.