Professor of Economics


Editor of Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (www.mun.ca/nls)

Memorial University of Newfoundland

For papers dealing with Muskrat Falls:


          “Electricity Market Integration: Newfoundland Chooses Monopoly and Protectionism,” AIMS Commentary, click here


“Newfoundland’s Electricity Options: Making the Right Choice Requires and Efficient Pricing Regime” C. D. Howe e-brief,  click here


“The Challenge of the Lower Churchill,” chapter 12 in A. Marland and M. Kerby, editors, First Among Unequals: The Premier, Politics, and Policy in Newfoundland and Labrador

(McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014).


For papers dealing with Churchill Falls:


           “The renewal clause in the Churchill Falls Contract,” Dalhousie Law Journal,  click here


“Smallwood, Churchill Falls, and the Power Corridor through Quebec,” Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region,  click here


Recent Papers:


          University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy Research Paper “Canada’s Equalization Formula: Peering inside the Black Box …and Beyond link to be added.


Regional Economics and Urban Science paper “Capital-tax financing and scale economies in public input production,” click here


Public Finance Review paper “Labor and Capital Taxation with Public Inputs as Common Property,” click here


          B.A., Economics/Math, Memorial University

        M.Sc.(Econ.), London School of Economics

        Ph.D. Economics, Carleton University


RECENT PUBLICATIONS ( For a more complete list of publications, click here.)

“Newfoundland’s Electricity Options: Making the Right Choice Requires an Efficient Pricing Regime,” C. D. Howe Institute e-brief, January 11, 2012.

“Smallwood, Churchill Falls, and the Power Corridor through Quebec,” Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, XL, no.2, pp112-127, Summer/Autumn 2011.

“Capital-tax financing and scale economies in public input production,” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 40, Elsevier Publications, pp.116-121, May 2010.

"Natural Resource Devolution in the Territories: Current Status and Unresolved Issues," in Frances Abele, Thomas J. Courchene, F. Leslie Siedle and France St-Hilare, editors, Northern Exposure: Peoples, Powers and Prospects for Canada’s North, (Institute for Research in Public Policy: Montreal), pp.344-372, 2009.

"The Evolution of Municipal Governance in Newfoundland and Labrador" (with Jeffery Braun-Jackson, Ronald Penney, and Stephen G. Tomblin) in Andrew Sancton and Robert Young, editors, Municipal Governance in Canada, (University of Toronto Press: Toronto) forthcoming in 2009.

"The Empirical Impact of Public Infrastructure on the Japanese Economy," (with Christopher Annala and Raymond Batina) Japanese Economic Review,  December 2008.

"Equalization 2007: Natural Resources, the Cap, and the Offset Payment Agreements" in John Allan, Thomas J. Courchene and Christian Leuprecht, editors, Canada: The State of the Federation 2006/07 - Transitions: Fiscal and Political Federalism in an Era of Change (McGill-Queen’s University Press: Montreal and Kingston), 2008.

"Labor and Capital Taxation with Public Inputs as Common Property" (with Raymond Batina) Public Finance Review, 35, pp.626-642, September 2007.

"The Origins of a Coming Crisis: Renewal of the Churchill Falls Contract," (with Melvin Baker) Dalhousie Law Journal, 75 p., Faculty of Law, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Spring, 2007.

"Territorial Formula Financing" in P. Boothe and F. Vaillancourt, editors, A Fine Canadian Compromise: Perspectives on the Report of the Expert Panel on Equalization and Territorial Funding Financing, Institute of Public Economics and CIRANO, 2007.

"Equalization and the Provinces' Natural Resource Revenues: Partial Equalization can Work Better," in Harvey Lazar, editor, Canadian Fiscal Arrangements: What Works, What Might Work Better (Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, McGill-Queen's University Press,) 2005.

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"Distortionary Taxation and Optimal Public Spending on Productive Activities," Economic Inquiry, Vol.40, No.1, pp.60-68, January 2002, (with Mutsumi Matsumoto).


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