Here the Tides Flow / Aquí Crecen las Mareas
Gayle Tapper, Arpa Suramericana (Paraguaya)
Gayle Tapper, South American (Paraguayan) Harp
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Titles: Brian Boru's March, La Partida, Springtime Waterflow, Pájaro Chogüí, Merengue Rojo, Tristeza India,
Spanish Waltz, Guacamaya, Kerry Polka, Si Quedara sin Ti, Vive la Rose, El Condor Pasa, Here the Tides Flow.
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This unique recording contains traditional music from Paraguay, Venezuela, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Mexico, France and other countries, and an original piece from Newfoundland. Full of surprises, goodies and other wonderful things... birds... a didgeridoo...

Guests include Deborah Clarke, Celtic Harp; Art Stoyles, accordion and Henry Rojo (guitar/vocals) with 2 enchanting songs from Paraguay and Mexico. Produced by Jim Fidler, international recording artist with Iona, and also featuring Jim's talents as a multi-instumentalist on keyboards and percussion.

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