Here the Tides Flow :: Press reviews and listener feedback

Press Reviews

The Evening Telegram - March, 1998
"If recordings by the likes of Jim Fidler, Christina Smith and Jean Hewson and others haven't shown the depth of talent in the world/folk genres, then Gayle Tapper's Here the Tides Flow will. Tapper's handling of the Paraguayan harp on songs from Ireland, Spain, France, South America and even Newfoundland is superlative. Tapper uses [the harp] masterfully to prove, incontrovertibly, that music knows no borders... the sheer heart-stoping beauty of some of the pieces on this album are simply the icing on a truly delicious, not to mention satiating, cake. Under Tapper's fingers, the harp shows us the various guises it can wear - from a slow almost dreamy solo to a swirling, pulsating dance where the harp acts as one part of a multi-instrument whole."

The Herald - April, 1998
"This is absolutely beautiful. It's enchanting and mysterious... don't let the word harp scare you. This is a cultural experience... mesmerizing quality and sound - lifting the listener to imaginary heights on clouds of music - absolutely breathtaking."

Listener comments