Harp Witicisms.... everybody seems to have one...

They say that harpists spend half their time tuning, and the other half playing out of tune
Will you quit harping on that same old tune....
You can play to your harp's content

Why are harps like elderly parents? Both are unforgiving and hard to get in and out of cars.

How long does a harp stay in tune? About 14 minutes or until someone opens a door.

The harp is an instrument of religious importance because when it's played we sense the Majesty of God and when its over we know the Grace of God!

What's the definition of a quarter tone?
A harpist tuning unison strings.

What's the difference between a puppy and a singer-songwriter? Eventually the puppy stops whining.

Know how to make a million dollars playing harp? Start with two million.

How come computer programmers never get out of the bath? "Rinse, lather, repeat..." Musician's Joke File

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