Commissioned: 22 Dec 2009. Licence rec'd 5 Jan 2010

Location: South Delta British Columbia, 40 km south of Vancouver B.C. in Grid CN89la

TRANSMITTING: Home made tube type transmitter/transverter (can be used either way) using 6146 tubes running 100 watts output to home made swr bridge with rf amp meter Home made pi-section low pass filter Direct digital synthesis VFO Matching network using 200 micro henry tapped coil with variometer Antenna "L" type, total wire used 70 metres #14 guage - tx end close to ground for some distance then a 10 metre vertical section and the far end 15 metres high in a tree. Ground system consists of random wires of various lengths laid on ground in haphazard fashion Antenna current meter reads 2.2 amps (I need another one)

RECEIVING: 3 metre shielded multi-turn loop, remotely tuned and amplified from radio shack alternately the main "L" antenna irect conversion solid state receiver using a DDS for the oscillator Icom 756 pro3 TRANSMITTING BLOCK DIAGRAM A simple red on white QSL card has been issued for all reporting