Eastern Newfoundland (GN37) is the closest point of the North American continent to Europe. It is therefore a strategic location for transatlantic radio propagation beacons.

  • The 6 metre beacon (VO1ZA) operates on the campus of Memorial University and was designed and installed by members, notably Brian VO1FF and Joe VO1NA, of the MUN ARC in June of 1990. It operates on a frequency of 50.0400 MHz (space) 50.0395 MHz (mark) FSK CW with 1.5 watts output to a 0.27 wave gamma fed vertical (omni). The beacon is now operated by the Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland. (Note: the crystal has drifted down 1 kHz or so over the past quarter century.) Keying is accomplished by scanning an EPROM.

    Operational notes
    21 May 2013: Low signal levels & high SWR. Temporary dipole installed. 25 Aug 2015: Beacon off. Removed dipole. Groundplane was repaired and returned to tower. Beacon on air at 2:25 pm NL time 14 Apr 2016. Announced on NL CJ Net 3740 kHz with a CMC CH-150 XCVR. First reception reports from VO1VCE and VO1HP 17 April.

  • A 2 metre CW transatlantic beacon is operating on 144.400 MHz,+-0.5 kHz. Anyone wishing to report a transatlantic reception for authentication should report the exact time, frequency and full text of the transmission to MRCN. The beacon was off the air temporarily, but resumed operation on 2251 UTC 27 July 2004 transmitting with an ERP of 2.5 kW and beaming 60 degrees. The beacon was shut down for site maintenance and issues with interference to other users of the site. Future operation is expected soon. For further information, please contact Frank VO1HP. This beacon is currently off the air. The frequency of 144.400 MHz was chosen in consultation with the RSGB VHF committee.

    This beacon is a joint project of MRCN and the Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub. It is located at GN37JS and is beaming about 2.5 kW ERP at 60 degrees. Thanks to VE1IF VE1WPL VO1HP VO1XP VO1CBS and others.

  • CURRENT STATUS: 8 January 2005 OFF
    4-7 Jan 2005 ON
    19 Oct 2003 Start of operation

  • MRCN operates a VHF repeater on 147.00 MHz which services the North-East Avalon area. This project is ongoing. Planning for other features such as UHF linking are underway.

  • A 2 metre FM beacon transmitts audio Morse on 146.31 MHz. This beacon has been on the air since 14 September 1986 and has been used to study seasonal variability in local VHF propagation. It also serves as a bench mark for repeater antenna receiving performance in the region.

  • A long wave beacons is in operation on 137.7770 kHz. Please see the LF Experiment web page for more information. Other beacons have operated on 5269 and 477.7 kHz.