Comment dit-on en français... (expressions tirées de Simenon, La Folle de Maigret) :

She doesn't look it (8)
They didn't steal anything from you? (11)
She's anxious to see you (15)
Just in case (16, 123)
Which way are you going? (19)
The important thing is that you realize... (20)
I will do everything possible to... (21)
In the late afternoon (27)
I didn't hold anything against her (30, cf. 167)
At the front there was the living room (35)
[It] had a low ceiling (35)
Goldfish (37)
When we know (it), if we know (it) some day,... (40)
Anything could have happened to her (44)
I had been wrong about him (44)
By the way,... (47)
Park benches (50)
If necessary (54)
In two weeks [from now] (57)
She couldn't stand her (65)
She always insisted on (making coffee) (65)
In exchange for dinner (66)
All she used to complain about was... (73)
You did the right thing (74)
Especially since... (76)
He almost ordered a second one (76)
...followed by Lapointe (92)
[Within] the last week (106)
The only thing we're sure about is that... (108)
After finding [a place] to park the car (114)
I suspected it was you (119)
I've got enough to keep me busy (121)
What do you mean by that? (131)
What are you trying to get at? (132
Until then (133)
To do the same thing (141)
If only to (reassure her) (151)
Third rate (152)
What grade are you in? (160)
Claudine isn't too angry with me? (167, cf. 30)
What exactly happened? (181)
I don't know anything about guns (185)
I nearly forgot (191)

A. Maillet, L'Acadie pour quasiment rien, p. 36-38.

[x] = line number x

a people, a nation [2] (what is the difference between "gens", "personnes", and "peuple"?)
to sell something for more than it's worth [3]
anyway, all the same [3]
a sea gull [11]
you can't hold it against him/her [16]
I defy you to... [18]
on an empty stomach [18]
if you can believe it [24]
a tape recorder [33]
to make friends [40] (note pronominal verb construction!)
lobster [44]
to faint, to vanish [60]
embarassed [64]
a decade [66]
sensitive [74]
wild [75]
a relative [78]
humour [79] (do not confuse the French words "humour" et "humeur". What is the difference?)
shyness [81]
welcoming [83]
a scholar, a scientist [92]
a job, career, trade [93]

Journal de Cécile Murat, p. 41-47.
in there [5]
square [adj.] [8]
because of [with positive meaning], thanks to [11]
cloth [20]
silent [38]
a priest [40]
to shudder [61]
to escape from [62]
...such as I remember them [79-80]
to move to [a city] (=to settle in) [86]
...[a memory] comes to mind [92-93]
aboard a ship [101]
...whose name I can't remember any more [101-102]
a sail [109]
fog [112]
a place [112]
perched on the edge of the cliff [115-116]
to meet us [lit., "to our meeting"] [119]

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