Français 3100 : vocabulaire actif (Automne 2013)

NOTA : D'autres termes seront ajoutés à cette liste au fur et à mesure que d'autres textes seront étudiés.

Comment dit-on en français... ?

Nota : [xx] = ligne(s) numéro xx

(1) George Street Festival

the discovery
to delight
to bear witness to, to show ("as the variety of big-name performers shows")
as well as, in addition to
the cover page of the magazine
a label
a target
hosted by (Fergus O'Byrne)
on the lookout for (French accents)
the audience
an English-speaking Newfoundlander
had tears in their eyes
a drum
(this day) came to an end
both fierce and friendly
a [commercial] brand
Newfoundland and Labrador (note hyphens)
in addition to its huge posters
for free (un mot)
to award (a prize, title, etc.)
indeed (2 mots)
had trouble understanding...
the speech

(2) Des motocyclettes jugées indésirables à Terre-Neuve

to ban, prohibit
a motorcycle
noise pollution
to plan to do sthg.
to be part (of sthg.)
an exhaust pipe
responsible for

(3) Voltaire, Micromégas

an atom [7]
matter [9]
nowhere [11]
to shake [12]
to confess, admit [13]
a species [19]
more x than we need [16]
to shudder [22]
tiny, puny [23}
Neither one has ever seen... [27-28]
to crush [32-33]
a murderer [33]
Don't go to the trouble [34]
to carry sthg./s.o. away (vt) [37]
an office (of a lawyer, doctor, government minister, general, etc.) [30]

(4)« Gangnam Style »

# = Paragraphe to drop (Introduction # 1, dernière phrase)
5 million pages (Introduction # 2)
the wrist (Introduction # 2)
in the late afternoon (Introduction # 2)
a fad (Introduction # 2)
a beginner (# 1, premier paragraphe numéroté)
a traffic jam (# 1)
the peninsula <# 2)
fireworks (# 3 -- attention au singulier !)
to put up with (1 mot, # 4)
a delivery person(# 5)
the hit (song) (# 6)
real estate (# 7)
to prevent/stop someone from doing sthg. (# 7)
comfortable (when referring to a person) (# 7)
to benefit from (# 8)

(5) Les gros pleins de sucre

a soft drink
a campaign
to aim to do something
on average
an effect

(6) Des chauffeurs de taxi à Terre-Neuve refusent des clientes

a taxi driver
the situation has got worse (pronominal verb in the passé composé)
in the second place,... in the last place (= secondly, lastly)
other female students (one word for "female students")
the behaviour

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