It has been suggested by a number of scholars that popular culture is "like" religion,"functions" as religion, or can do "religious work." Does this mean that Pop Culture has taken the place of traditional religion in today's world? Is there such a thing as a "Disney Religion"? Can trips to Graceland be considered pilgrimage? Is God encountered more often in super hero movies than in Churches? Is Pop culture a competitor in the pluralistic Religious Marketplace of today? These and more are questions I explore in my teaching and research. Visit my course pages by clicking an image below.


  • Introduction to Contemporary Religious Movements

    Surveys a variety of spiritual paths, including Paganism, The New Age Movement, and UFO Spirituality. Learn More
  • Introduction to Religion and Popular Culture

    Explores religious and mythic themes as expressed in television, films, and mass-market fiction. Learn More
  • Contemporary Alternative Spirituality

    An in-depth exploration of Spiritualism from the 19th to 21st century. Learn More
  • Religion and Disney films

    Explores religious themes and controvsial issues in Disney Films. Learn More
  • From Elvis to the Undertaker: Religion outside the Box

    Explores theories and themes of religion in so-called 'secular' places. Learn More
  • Religion in Disney Parks

    Explores ideology and religion in Disney Parks, including a field trip to a Disney Theme Park. Learn More