Jean M. Snook

Professor of German
Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1B 3X9


Winner of the Austrian Cultural Forum Translation Prize 2009, awarded in New York City

Winner of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Arts in Academics, University of Waterloo 2010

Winner of the Dean of Arts Award for Distinguished Scholarship, Memorial University, 2009-2010

Winner of the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize 2011, awarded in Chicago

Academic Credentials:
B.A. University of Toronto, 1975, Joint Specialist: English & German
M.A. Queen's University, 1977, German
Ph.D. University of Waterloo, 1983, German Language & Literature
A.R.C.T. Royal Conservatory of Music, 1984, Piano Performance

Universität Düsseldorf 1976-77
Universität Mannheim 1977-78

Courses Taught:

1000-1001 Elementary German I & II
2010-2011 Intermediate German I & II
3010-3011 Advanced German I & II
2030-2031 Reading German I & II
Medieval 2000 (team taught)
3900 Survey of German Literature
3912-3913 Modern German Literature in Translation I & II
3914 German Women Writers in Translation
4300-4301 Middle High German Language & Literature I & II
4100-4101 Nineteenth Century German Literature I & II
4200-4201 Twentieth Century German Literature I & II
4801 Contemporary Women Novelists
4803 Special Topics: Hartmann von Aue
4805 The Third Reich in German Literature
4806 Rilke & Hesse
4807 Expressionismus
4808 Wolfgang Hildesheimer: Prose and Graphic Art
4809 Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks
4810 Die deutsche Rezeption von Ismail Kadare
4811 Franz Kafkas Erzählungen
4998 Coaching for the Comprehensive Examination
4999 Dissertation for Honours Students
6600-6601 Deutsche Romantik I & II
7004 Nineteenth Century Literature
6103 Bibliography and Research Methods
6700 German Realism
7003 Survey of German Literature I, and
7006 Survey of German Literature II
7000 Franz Kafkas Romane


1. Chick, Jean M. Eine Untersuchung zu Heines "Geständnissen". Bern: Peter Lang, 1987. 102 pages. ISBN 3-261-03771-7

Reviewed by Edward M.V. Plater in Seminar. A Journal of Germanic Studies, 26.4 (November 1990): 346-347. "a clearly written, carefully reasoned interpretation of what is certainly a major aspect of the Geständnisse ... The conclusions she reaches regarding the nature of Heine's religious feeling -- ultimately undefined and paradoxical -- and the reasons for its revival should be of interest not only to Heine scholars but to all who wrestle with the basic questions of existence."

2. Chick, Jean M. Form as Expression: A Study of the Lyric Poetry Written Between 1910 and 1915 by Lasker-Schüler, Stramm, Stadler, Benn, and Heym. Vol. 10 of Studies in Modern German Literature, ed. Peter D.G. Brown. New York: Peter Lang, 1988. 210 pages. ISBN 0-8204-0441-1

Reviewed by Jurgen Froehlich in German Studies Review 13.2 (May 1990): 340-341. "As Chick states in her conclusion, 'In light of the above observations, the idea that expressionist lyric forms were only zerbrochen, representing a breakdown or dissolution of form, is no longer tenable.' Chick's point is well taken. Her style is clear and readable, and her argumentation is convincing because of a meticulous attention to detail and an exact documentation."

3. Snook, Jean M. Introduction to and Translation of Else Lasker-Schüler's Concert. European Women Writers Series. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 1994. xiii + 162 pages. ISBN 0-8032-2900-3

Reviewed by Michael T. O'Pecko in Library Journal (September 1, 1994).

Reviewed by David Aberbach in Times Literary Supplement (UK) (December 23, 1994), who writes: "This sensitive, elegant edition of Concert will renew interest in these unjustly neglected works."

Reviewed by Angelika Bammer in The Women's Review of Books 12.6 (March 1995). "the first publication in English translation of a prose text by Lasker-Schüler (by a major university press, no less) is cause for celebration. It is cause to thank the translator, Jean M. Snook, for an exceptionally elegant translation."

Reviewed by Sol Gittleman in Choice 32.6 (February 1995).

Reviewed by Heinz R. Kuehn in The Sewanee Review (Spring 1995), who writes: "for this reviewer, the superb translation form his native language turned out to be an unexpected rediscovery of the pure joy of reading a wonderful book."

Reviewed by Lucy Miller in Belles Lettres (Summer 1995), who writes: "The difficult task of translation her free-form prose was nobly done by Jean M. Snook."

Reviewed by Clara Corona and Ray Keenoy in The Babel Guide to German Fiction in English Translation [Austria, Germany, Switzerland]. by Ray Keenoy, Mike Mitchell & Maren Meinhardt. London, UK: Boulevard Books, 1997. pp. 162-163. They write that this is "the unique voice of a brilliant and unusual woman and a very enjoyable book; a translation that is a fine tribute to a person who represents so well the synthesizing and hopeful directions that Weimar culture of the 1920s and 1930s was taking in literature, drama, painting, film and music."

4. Snook, Jean M. Introduction to and Translation of Luise Rinser's Abaelard's Love. European Women Writers Series. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1998. xv + 154 pages. ISBN 0-8032-3914-9 (cloth); 0-8032-8968-5 (pbk)

Reviewed by Deanna Evans in Germanic Notes & Reviews 31.1 (Spring 2000). "Luise Rinser, one of Germany's most respected contemporary novelists, is certain to find new fans as readers of English discover Jean M. Snook's Abelard's Love, an excellent English translation of Rinser's Abaelards Liebe (published at Frankfurt am Main, 1991). Snook is to be congratulated for her translation because she conveys not only the words but also the tone and spirit of the original. Snook also provides a valuable introduction which includes a short biography of the novelist, a list of her previously published work, and a brief but cogent critical analysis of the novel itself. Snook had the opportunity to interview Rinser and notes Rinser's explanations concerning her choice of subject matter."

Reviewed by Josef Schmidt in The International Fiction Review 28 (August 2001). "Rinser's treatment of one of the great medieval love stories shows the writer, who at the time of publication of Abelards Liebe (1991) was eighty years old, at the height of her powers. . . . and the translator has picked up Rinser's crisp prose admirably in that one soon forgets that one is reading a 'translation'."

5. Snook, Jean M. Translation of and Afterword to Evelyn Grill's Winter Quarters. Riverside, California: Ariadne Press, 2004. 124 pages (114 + 10). ISBN 1-572-41123-6. [Winterquartier. Ein Roman . Weitra, Austria: publication PN°1 Bibliothek der Provinz, 1993. Also as suhrkamp taschenbuch 3560, 2004.]

Reviewed by Rebecca Thomas in Modern Austrian Literature 39.3-4 (2006): 142-144. "The sparse, powerful depictions of rural life, discourse, and thought in Grill's short novel of the provinces lose none of their impact in Snook's English translation, Winter Quarters, which commands the reader's curiosity and emotions from the first page to the last."

Reviewed by Edith LaGraziana on “Edith’s Miscellany,” Friday, 23 January 2015. “It’s true that Winter Quarters isn’t a cheerful and entertaining novel. On the contrary it’s really shattering and sad, but unfortunately many women will find the story alarmingly true to life because violence against women keeps being a reality in the twenty-first century. You may be pleased to know that Max receives his well-deserved ‘reward’ in the end, at what price, though!”

6. Snook, Jean M. Translation of Gert Jonke's Homage to Czerny: Studies for a Virtuoso Technique. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois: Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois State University, 2008. 149 pages. ISBN 978-1-56478-501-5. [Schule der Geläufigkeit. Salzburg: Residenz Verlag, 1977, revised 1985.]

Starred review in Publishers Weekly, 8/18/2008: "Austrian author and playwright Jonke addresses a host of existential questions through a cast of vaudevillian compatriots in this slim, beautifully written volume. [. . .] As intricately structured as a musical composition, with recurring conversational motifs, the narrative--powered by Snook's magnificent translation--moves smoothly and evocatively through fraught emotional terrain."

Excerpted in The Review of Contemporary Fiction 28.2 (Summer 2008): 47-52.

On the Three Percent Best Translated Book 2008 Longlist [Three Percent is a resource for International Literature at the University of Rochester.]

Reviewed by Paul Griffiths on 16/01/2009 at "Perhaps everyone is asleep in this bizarre tale, though there is nothing dreamy about Jonke's language (as translated by Jean M. Snook), which is clear and exact, even when evoking the mysterious, magical music the narrator finds emanating from a pond in Diabelli's garden."

7. Snook, Jean M. Translation of Hans Eichner's Kahn & Engelmann. Emeryville, Ontario: Biblioasis, 2009. [Kahn & Engelmann. Eine Familien-Saga. Wien: Picus Verlag, 2000.] Translation funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Starred review in Quill & Quire, April 2009.

Mentioned by Paul Wells in Maclean's, May 11, 2009, p. 64: "On April 8, 2009, Hans Eichner died in his sleep. Three days later the first print run of Kahn & Engelmann, in its luminous new translation by Jean M. Snook, arrived from the printer."

The German Book Office chose Kahn & Engelmann as its June book pick, 2009.

Reviewed by Chris Scott in The Globe and Mail, The Daily Review, Monday, July 13, 2009: "Kahn & Engelmann recreates a long-lost way of life. But it also revives a vanished pan-European sensibility. Beautifully written, it may be the last great European novel . . . Memory is the enemy of death, and Kahn & Engelmann is an elegant memorial. If philosopher Theodor Adorno ruled that turning the Holocaust into art is ‘not only immoral but perhaps even impossible,' Hans Eichner has demonstrated it is not only possible and moral but also necessary."

Reviewed by Katy Derbyshire, Berlin, Germany , Friday, 24 July 2009: "The book itself is a beautiful piece of work. Canadian publishers Biblioasis have done what's often considered unthinkable and credited the translator, Jean M. Snook, on the front cover – hats off for that. But hats off too to the seemingly faultless translation, with not a single stumbling block, glaring misunderstanding or unwitting germanism. It seems that the translator worked in close collaboration with the late author, and that has paid off marvellously."

Reviewed by Stephen Osborne in Geist Magazine, December 2009. "At the age of seventy-nine, Hans Eichner, a professor German language and literature at the University of Toronto, published his first novel, Kahn & Engelmann, in German; it was hailed as a masterpiece in Europe. In April 2009, a masterful English translation by Jean M. Snook appeared in Canada, published by Biblioasis, three days after the death of Hans Eichner at the age of eighty-seven."

On the Globe 100 List 2009, Best Foreign Fiction Category

8. Snook, Jean M. Translation of Gert Jonke's The Distant Sound. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois: Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois State University, 2010. [Der ferne Klang. Salzburg: Jung und Jung.]
Winner of the Austrian Cultural Forum Translation Prize 2009, awarded in New York City
Recipient of the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize 2011, awarded in Chicago

Reviewed by Simona Sivkoff in transforum on books March 2010. "Perhaps Jonke is not a prophet of ecological disaster, but he is not filled with boisterous optimism about the future of humanity either. Nor does he easily let the reader off the hook. On the contrary, he suffuses us in the music of destruction that slowly spreads around the planet, and his dreamy, lyrical narrative burns in the flames of a wildfire. With a sarcastic remark, Jonke tells us that the people watching the wildfire with the distant sound coming from the hollowed out corncobs in the background lament not so much the irreversible destruction of the woods, but the fact that they did not cut down the trees themselves and use them for lumber earlier. Sharply, and with underlying humor, Jonke examines human insatiability and recklessness towards self and environment. He creates a lyrical crime novel where the main crime is apathy towards oneself, others, and nature, where the reader often has to wonder whether the narrative is recounting a bad dream or reality, an open ending to a story that is missing the beginning."

Reviewed by Matthew Jakubowski, August 25, 2010. "The Distant Sound feels gargantuan–a dark and dense barrage of riffs and arias, as if the author tried to pour a free-jazz opera into the mold of a three-hundred-page novel. There are no chapters, and no quotation marks. Published in 1979, The Distant Sound is part two of a trilogy that began with Homage to Czerny (translated in 2008), also narrated in part by a composer. It's difficult reading and also stunning, with a tongue-in-cheek style that is, to quote a minor character, 'recklessly extravagant with the most economical means.' Though a challenge, it is Jonke's richest and most inventive novel to be seen in English so far."

Reviewed by Richard Jackson September 2010. "Gert Jonke opens The Distant Sound with a delightfully lyrical, neurotically brilliant, yet utterly baffling lament. [. . .] The composer's own suicide attempt is bound to the self-destructive nature of the human world surrounding him. It is amidst such destruction that Jonke is at his most brilliant. Himself a conductor of serene lyricism, a language that weaves human introspection with an imploding environment, such flare ensures that the smallest calamity – from a mirror smashing to a cupboard collapsing – has the same resonance with the reader as a nuclear explosion. [. . .] Translator, Jean M. Snook, who won the Austrian Cultural Forum's Prize for Translation in 2009, must be congratulated in managing to capture Jonke's playful spirit. The Distant Sound is not a simple read – time and perseverance must be invested. At times, Jonke's purposeful commitment to avoid producing a conventional novel can grow tiresome. However, such is the force of Jonke's words that from a fantastical landscape, littered with paradox, an almost Horatian satire emerges – one that will not be easily forgotten."

Reviewed by Emmett Stinson, of the University of Melbourne, Australia February 1, 2011. "Despite being one of the most respected Austrian writers of the late 20th Century, Gert Jonke remains largely unknown in the English-speaking world. In an excellent introduction to Jonke’s new novel, The Distant Sound, translator Jean Snook helps to explain some of the reasons why this is the case. [. . . ] Despite the seemingly dark, Kafka-esque nature of this material, The Distant Sound is also very much a funny book, filled with humour that recalls the work of absurdist writers like Eugene Ionesco. And it is fittingly full of often-surprising twists and turns that operate with a dream-like logic, resulting in the appearance of a tight-rope walker who can quite literally walk on air, a newspaper staff that spends all day in a train-station café reading newspapers, and the appearance of a horde of strange parasites that may well threaten the future existence of the human race, among many others. [. . . ] overall The Distant Sound is an extremely enjoyable farce, which shows that Gert Jonke is certainly deserving of a much larger English readership."

9) Snook, Jean M. Translation of Gert Jonke’s Awakening to the Great Sleep War. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois: Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois State University, 2012. 224 pages. [Erwachen zum Großen Schlafkrieg. Salzburg: Residenz, 1982.] This translation was my proposal. Refereed by the Board of Dalkey Archive Press.

Reviewed by Kevin Breathnach in the January edition of Totally Dublin, 3rd Jan 2013: When a novel takes as its epigraph, as this one does, a quote by Flann O’Brien’s fictional philosopher, De Selby, the reader should have a fair idea about the road it plans to go down. Time will be derailed, objects usually considered inanimate will be brought to life, and there will be much confusion as to whether the described experiences of the protagonist are occurring on an interior or exterior level. . . . a fugal comedy whose every episode has at its core a question concerning the representation of time and space.

Reviewed by Matthew Jakubowski in The National, Jan 10, 2013. “Imaginative novel Awakening to the Great Sleep War explores abstract love.” Jonke values wildly imaginative representations of reality in his novels. He projects worlds in long, recursive, musical sentences that burst with sophisticated grammar and syntax. Quite often there’s a hyper-intelligent surrealism bridging the narrative and the mind of his protagonist, upsetting the cities and landscape. It makes for humorous, dazzling and demanding fiction, orchestrated to counteract the absurdity of modern life with the imaginative freedom of an individual. . . . Burgmüller is a dreamer, an “acoustical interior designer” who’s recently broken up with his girlfriend . . . The story behind his pain makes him the most fully realised character in Jonke’s translated fiction to date.

Reviewed by Amanda DeMarco in the Los Angeles Review of Books, May 25th, 2013. "Toward Incomparable Ways of Speaking: Gert Jonke’s Languages and Landscapes." Awakening to the Great Sleep War is mainly concerned with Burgmüller's relationships with three women and his interactions with his surroundings, particularly cities. Jonke composes a wildly imaginative, deeply poetic hymn to landscape: "From the light surf on the sun tide, the time that was yet to come pulled many colorfully shining schools of fish to shore with its nonce nets, while the blossoms on the bushes and trees in the parks began to sing." Snook's translation is pure and clean, and her prose has a ceaseless energy that fluctuates gracefully between crisp philosophical enigma and exuberant poeticizing. The world of the novel radiates life and benevolence, but also constant flux and complete disregard for the rules of reality.

Reviewed by Monica Carter, Best Translated Book Award judge, on line, July 2013. A novice translator could easily have mishandled all of Jonke's absurd, surreal concepts and themes, but Ms. Snook understands the nuance in Jonke's text to convey the aims of his novel. With a traditional narrative and story structure, it is easier to be more loyal to the text and more literal. In this case, the translator must also understand the abstract concepts and how to put those conceptual ideas in play without sacrificing the wit of Jonke’s style. Thus, this seems one of the most challenging efforts as far as translation is concerned because the translation must carry through thematically as opposed to carrying the story through a conventional structure. Each word holds more weight so that the subtext is present. To have such intimate knowledge of the writer’s work as well as the language clearly makes this novel the strongest translation on the list.

10) Snook, Jean M. Translation of Paul Nizon’s My Year of Love. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois: Dalkey Archive Press, Illinois State University, 2013 [Das Jahr der Liebe. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1981.] Dalkey Archive Press asked me to do this translation.

11) Snook, Jean M. trans. Evelyn Grill's The Antwerp Testament.Translated and with an Afterword by Jean M. Snook. New York: Peter Lang, 2017. 236 pages.

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Snook, Jean M., trans. "Awakening to the Great Sleep War (excerpt)." By Gert Jonke. Southern Humanities Review 46.1 (Winter 2012): 54-59. Invited excerpt from translation of the novel, to be published in autumn 2012 by Dalkey Archive Press.

Invited Articles

Snook, Jean M. "The Concept of Home in Else Lasker-Schüler's Concert." Conference proceedings published in Else Lasker-Schüler: Ansichten und Perspektiven, Views and Reviews. Ed. Ernst Schürer and Sonja Hedgepeth. Tübingen: Franke Verlag, 1999. 219-227.

Reviewed by Bernhardt Blumenthal in Monatshefte 94.4 (2002): 564-566, who writes: "Among the better essays, in this observer's opinion, is, in particular, Jean Snook's 'The Concept of Home in Else Lasker-Schüler's Concert.' This essay, which details the poetess' lifelong search for a place to call home, is written in an elegant prose and views her work in the context of the achievement of other writers, including T.S. Eliot. It is a brief essay which brings to bear on the subject observations from several disciplines outside of German Studies, in particular cultural anthropology and phenomenology. It sheds light on the work of Else Lasker-Schüler from disciplines beyond the more narrow confines of our own field."

Snook, Jean M. "Eine Analyse von Rilkes 'Auferweckung des Lazarus'." Korrespondenzen: Festschrift für Joachim W. Storck aus Anlaß seines 75. Geburtstages. Herausgegeben von Rudi Schweikert in Zusammenarbeit mit Sabine Schmidt. St. Ingbert: Röhrig Universitätsverlag, 1999. 473-482.

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Editorial Work

Editor of the CAUTG (Canadian Association of University Teachers of German) Bulletin and Directory from Fall 1998 through Fall 2010

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Cover Art: Illustrations of German Literature from Different Periods

27.1 Nov. 1998 Manesse manuscript illustration for Herr Reinmar von Zweter
27.2 April 1999 Franz Marc's illustration for Lasker-Schüler's "Versöhnung"
28.1 Nov. 1999 Heinrich Vogeler's illustration for Rilke's "Die heiligen drei Könige"
28.2 April 2000 Oswald von Wolkenstein Viennese manuscript A illustrations
29.1 Nov. 2000 Wolfgang Hildesheimer's illustrations of his own work
29.2 April 2001 Clemens Brentano's illustrations of his own Gockel, Hinkel & Gackeleia
30.1 Nov. 2001 Thomas Theodor Heine's illustrations for Friedrich Hebbel's Judith
30.2 April 2002 Else Lasker-Schüler's illustrations of her own work
31.1 Nov. 2002 Hundeshagen manuscript illustrations for Der Nibelungen Not, Part I
31.2 April 2003 Josef Hoffmann's frame for a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke  
32.1 Nov. 2003 Adolf Böhm's frame for a poem by Arno Holz  
32.2 April 2004 H. Lefler's and J. Urban's illustration for Grimms' "Aschenbrödel"  
33.1 Nov. 2004 Luise Duttenhofer's Scherenschnitt "Faust und Gretchen im Garten"  
33.2 April 2005 Doris Engelmann's Scherenschnitt for Mörike's "Der Tambour"  
34.1 Nov. 2005 Max Beckmann’s pen-and-ink drawings for Goethe’s Faust II  
34.2 April 2006 Gabriel Cornelius von Max’s illustration for Uhland’s Romanze “Rudello”  
35.1 Nov. 2006 Alfred Rethel's illustrations for the Nibelungenlied  
35.2 April 2007 Nora Purtcher-Wydenbruck's Camelia sonett and illustration for Rilke  
36.1 Nov. 2007 Arthur Rackham's illustrations for the Grimm Brothers' "Gänsemagd"
36.2 April 2008 Peter Cornelius's illustrations for Goethe's Faust
37.1 Nov. 2008 Arthur Rackham's illustrations for de la Motte Fouqué's Undine
37.2 April 2009 Werner Klemke's illustrations for Clemens Brentano's "Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl"
38.1 Nov. 2009 Moritz von Schwind's illustration for Eduard Mörike's "Märchen vom sichern Mann"
38.2 April 2010 Luise Freiin von Breitschwert's illustrations for Eduard Mörike's Das Stuttgarter Hutzelmännlein
39.1 Nov. 2010 Heinrich Comploi's illustration for Heinrich Heine's "Als die junge Rose blühte"
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2008/09 edition  Arthur Rackham's illustrations for de la Motte Fouqué's Undine
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2010/11 edition  Heinrich Comploi's illustration for Heinrich Heine's "Es war ein alter König"



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Scientific Translations (1980-1993) on File at CISTI

(Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0S2)
  1. ADERJAN, R. and G. Schmitt
    Langzeitkontrolle der Richtigkeit der Blutalkoholbestimmung (GC- und ADH-Methode) mit Testseren (ca. 0,6 bzw. 1,5 g/L) im Hinblick auf Sicherheitszuschläge von 0,1 Promille
    Long-term Accuracy Testing of the Blood Alcohol Determination (GC and ADH Methds) with Test Sera (ca. 0.6 and 1.5 g/L respectively) with Regard to the Safety Margin of 0.1 Promille     14 pages

  2. APEL, Günter
    Zur Frage des Alkoholabbaues im Schlafe
    On the Question of Alcohol Catabolism During Sleep     5 pages

    Die Bedeutung der Haare in der Kulturgeschichte und in der heutigen Toxikologie
    The Significance of Hair in the History of Civilization and in Modern Toxicology     20 pages

  4. BALABANOVA, S., P.J. Arnold, V. Luckow, H. Brunner and H.U. Wolf
    Tetrahydrocannabinole im Haar von Haschischrauchern
    Tetrahydrocannabinols in the Hair of Hashish Smokers     9 pages

  5. BALABANOVA, S. and H.U. Wolf
    Bestimmungen von Cocain, Morphin, Phenobarbital und Methadon im Kopf-, Achsel- und Schamhaar
    Determination of Cocaine, Morphine, Phenobarbital and Methadone in Head Hair, Axillary Hair and Pubic Hair      6 pages

  6. BERG, S.
    Neue Technik der Querschnittsuntersuchung von Haaren und Fasern
    A New Technique of Examining the Cross-Sections of Hairs and Fibres     8 pages

  7. BERG, S.
    Rechtsmedizinische Befunde an historischem Material
    Forensic Medical Evidence About Historical Material      15 pages

  8. BERG, Steffen
    Untersuchungen zum Beweiswert von Textilfaser-Mikrospuren
    Studies of the Evidence Value of Microtraces of Textile Fibres     11 pages

  9. BERTH, Peter and Günter Reese
    Veränderung des Haarkeratins durch kosmetische Behandlung und natürliche Umwelteinflüsse
    Changes in Hair Keratin Caused by Cosmetic Treatment and by Natural Environmental Influences       10 pages

  10. BIEHL, B.
    Auswirkungen des Analgetikums Flupirtin auf die Fahrtüchtigkeit
    Effects of the Analgesic Flupirtine on Driving Ability     13 pages

  11. BRETTEL, Hans-Friedrich
    Der Korrekturfaktor bei der gaschromatographischen Leichenblutalkoholbestimmung The Correction Factor in Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Blood Alcohol in Cadavers       6 pages

  12. CRATO, H., G. Walther and A. Herrmann
    Das Vorkommen von Aceton in zur Alkoholbestimmung eingesandten Blutproben
    The Occurrence of Acetone in Blood Samples sent in for Alcohol Determination      7 pages

  13. DALDRUP, Thomas and Ekkehardt Böhm
    Zum Einfluß von Ceftriaxon auf den Alkoholabbau und Serumacetaldehydspiegel
    The Influence of Ceftriaxone Sodium on Alcohol Catabolism and on the Acetaldehyde Level in Serum       14 pages

  14. DEGE, Ulrich
    Darstellung des Sex-Chromatins in Haarwurzelscheiden
    Preparation of the the Sex Chromatin in Hair Root Sheaths       3 pages

  15. EICHNER, H., E. Liebhardt and M. Schuck
    "Atemalkoholgehalt" -- ein sicherer oder anfechtbarer Belastungszeuge?
    "Breath Alcohol Content" -- Indisputable or Disputable Evidence for the Prosecution?       3 pages

  16. EISELE, R. and W. Mölders
    Ein neuer Schnelltest zum Nachweis von Blutspuren
    A Rapid New Test for Detecting Traces of Blood.      4 pages

  17. FISCHER, Güsta and Hubert Kampmann
    Verteilung exogenen Acetaldehyds im menschlichen Blut und deren Beeinflussung durch Disulfiram
    The Distribution of Exogenous Acetaldehyde in Human Blood and How it is Influenced by Disulfiram.       15 pages

  18. FREI-SULZER, Max
    Die Sicherung von Mikrospuren mit Klebband
    Securing Microtraces With Scotch Tape       10 pages

  19. GLATZEL, E. and K.-H. Lenski
    Probleme der Qualitätskontrolle bei der Spurenelementanalytik und die Notwendigkeit der Standardisierung
    Problems of Quality Control in the Analysis of Trace Elements and the Necessity of Standardization.       4 pages

  20. GRAMER, Lore
    Übertragung von Blutgruppensubstanzen in fremde Körperhöhlen, dargestellt anhand eines konkreten Falles
    The Transfer of Blood Group Substances Into the Body Cavities of Another Person: As Shown by an Actual Example      3 pages

  21. GRÜNER, Oskar, Otto Ludwig and Klaus Rockenfeller
    Die Bedeutung der Doppelblutentnahmen für die Beurteilung von Nachtrunkbehauptungen
    The Significance of the Double Blood Sample for the Assessment of Alleged Instances of Drinking After-the-Fact       24 pages

  22. HAFFNER, H. T. et al.
    Statistische Annäherung an forensische Rückrechnungswerte für Alkoholiker
    Statistical Approach to Forensic Back-Extrapolation Values for Alcoholics       11 pages

  23. HEINIG, Wolfgang and Waltraud Roesch
    Quantitative gaschromatographische Bestimmung von Nebenprodukten der ethanolischen Gärung
    Quantitative Gas Chromatographic Analysis of the By-Products of Ethanol Fermentation       26 pages

  24. HERLINGER, H., B. Küster und D.H. Lämmermann
    Die Bedeutung des Farbstoffzustandes in der Polyamidfaser für die Echtheiten der Färbungen
    The Significance of the State of the Dye in Polyamide Fibre for Colour Fastness       18 pages

  25. HOFFMANN, Roland
    Über die Anwendung des Folienabdruckverfahrens - ein Verfahren zum Nachweis der Flächenverteilung von chemischen Elementen in Schußresiduen
    On the Use of Sheetprinting -- A Procedure for Detecting the Surface Distribution of Chemical Elements in Shot Residues       15 pages

  26. HOLTZ, J. and K. Olek
    Anwendung polymorpher DNA-Marker in der Spurenkunde
    Using Polymorphic DNA Markers for Trace Analyses       9 pages

  27. IFFLAND, Rolf, Michael Staak and Stefan Rieger
    Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Überprüfung von Nachtrunkbehauptungen: Zur Problematik der Untersuchung von Begleitalkoholen in Körperflüssigkeiten
    Experimental Investigations into the Verification of Allegations of Drinking After-the-Fact: On the Problems Involved in the Analysis of Congeners of Ethanol in Bodily Fluids       24 pages

  28. JOACHIM, Hans, Gerhard Friedrich and Hans Ullmann
    Untersuchungen öber den Einfluß des Erbrechens auf die Blutalkoholkurve mittels einer kontinuierlichen Blutalkoholbestimmung
    How Vomiting Influences the Blood Alcohol Curve: Studies Using Continuous Blood Alcohol Determination       16 pages

  29. JOACHIM, Hans and Rolf Schulte
    Inter- und intraindividuelle Unterschiede der Alkoholverteilung beim Menschen: Ein Beitrag zur experimentellen Bestimmung des Widmark-Faktors 'r' durch intravenöse äthanolapplikation
    Inter- and Intra-Individual Differences of Alcohol Distribution in Humans: A Contribution to the Experimental Determination of Widmark's Factor 'r' by Intravenous Alcohol Administration       15 pages

  30. JOSEPHI, E., Ursula Braito and Edith Tutsch-Bauer
    DNA-Extraktion aus Körperflüßigkeiten von Verstorbenen
    DNA Extraction from the Bodily Fluids of Cadavers       7 pages

  31. JOSEPHI, E., Johanna Teifel-Greding, Edith Tutsch-Bauer and E. Liebhardt
    Isolierung hochmolekularer DNA aus einer 14 Tage alten Wasserleiche
    Isolating High-Molecular-DNA From a 14-Day-Old Water Corpse       6 pages

  32. KAATSCH, H. J., and H. Schütz
    Erfahrungen mit dem "Lion Alcometer AE-D3" bei der Blutalkohol- und Atemalkoholbestimmung
    Experiences With The Lion Alcometer AE-D3 In Determining Blood Alcohol and Breath Alcohol       13 pages

  33. KASPEREK, K., L. E. Feinendegen and V. Siller
    Aktivierungsanalyse von Spurenelementkonzentrationen im menschlichen Kopfhaar: Einfluß von Geschlecht, Alter und Umwelt
    Activation Analysis of Trace Element Concentrations in Hair from the Human Head: The Influence of Sex, Age, and Environment       6 pages

  34. KIRRET, O., U. Schumacher-Hamadat, Lilja Lahe and Aili Kogerman
    FT-IR-ATR-Spektroskopie -- Schnellmethode für die Analyse von Fasermaterialien
    FT-IR-ATR Spectroscopy -- A Quick Method of Analyzing Fibrous Materials       6 pages

  35. KISSLING, E. and H. Schmitter
    Haptoglobin-Typisierung von Blutspuren in kontinuierlichen Polyacrylamid-Gelen
    Haptoglobin Typing of Blood Traces by Continuous Polyacrylamide Gels       7 pages

  36. KRAMER, D., M. Oellerich, D. Helmstaedt and B. May
    Methodische und klinische Erfahrungen mit einem dünnschichtchromatographischen Skreeningverfahren zum Nachweis von Drogen im menschlichen Urin (Drug-Skreen)
    Methodological and Clinical Experiences with a Thin Layer Chromatographic Screening Procedure for Detection of Drugs in Human Urine (Drug-Screen)      5 pages

  37. KüHNHOLZ, Bärbel, Hans-Jürgen Kaatsch, Holger Thomsen, Dat Nguyen
    Zur Dauer der Resorptionszeit bei einer Ethanolbelastung von 0,3, 0,5 und 0,8 g Alkohol pro kg Körpergewicht in 30 Minuten
    The Duration of the Absorption Time After the Administration of Ethanol in Dosages of 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 g Alcohol per kg Body Weight Within 30 Minutes       13 pages

  38. LÖBEL, Wilfried
    Elektrostatische Aufladung von Bekleidungstextilien und die Wirkungsweise innerer und äußerer Antistatika
    Electrostatic Charging of Clothing Textiles, and the Way Inner and Outer Antistatic Agents Work       10 pages

  39. LOOS, Ulrich and Ulrich Heifer
    Über den zeitlichen Verlauf von Atem- und venöser Blutalkoholkonzentration und von Alkoholwirkungen
    The Time Courses of the Alcohol Concentrations in Breath and Venous Blood and of Some of the Effects of Alcohol      25 pages

  40. LUDWIG, Erich
    Pathognomische Haarbefunde bei Thallium-Vergiftung und deren Deutung
    How Thallium Poisoning Affects Hair: Pathognomic Findings and Their Interpretation       7 pages

  41. MACHATA, Gottfried
    Zur Frage der "Zwei voneinander verschiedenen Verfahren" zur Ermittlung der Blutalkoholkonzentration
    On the Question of "Two Different Methods" of Determining Blood Alcohol Concentration       5 pages

  42. MAEHLY, Andreas
    Die forensischen Wissenschaften gestern, heute und morgen
    Forensic Science: Past, Present, and Future      20 pages

  43. MARKWALDER, Christoph, Kathrin-Maria Gröhn-Schultek and Otto Pribilla
    Atem- und Blutalkoholkonzentrationen nach Einnahme von Diät- und alkoholfreiem Bier
    Alcohol Concentrations in Breath and Blood after the Consumption of Dietetic and Non-Alcoholic Beer.       8 pages

  44. MEINANDER, Harriet
    Schmelzindex und physikalische Eigenschaften an Polyester/Flammschutzmittel-Systemen
    The Melt [Flow] Index and Physical Properties of Polyesters Containing Flame Retardants      11 pages

  45. MEIßNER, D., W. Göthe and A. Yersin
    Stand und Probleme der Standardisierungsarbeiten bei Spurenelementen
    The Present State of the Work on Standardization of Trace Element Analysis and the Problems that have been Encountered       6 pages

  46. MENKEN, Eugen
    Verhaltensänderung durch Intensivierung polizeilicher Verkehrsüberwachung oder durch Einführung von Selbstkontrolle?
    Behaviour modification by intensifying police supervision or by inducing methods of self-control?       13 pages

  47. MILTNER, E., G. Schmidt and A. Six
    Zum Stellenwert der Blutalkoholkonzentration bei der Beurteilung der Schuldfähigkeit
    The Status of the Blood Alcohol Concentration in Assessing Culpability      10 pages

    Fluoreszenzmikroskopischer Nachweis von Hautfett auf Textilien aus Polyamid- und Polyesterfasern: Ein Beitrag zur Kontaktanschmutzung
    Use of the Fluorescent Microscope to Detect Sebaceous Matter on Textiles made of Polyamide and Polyester Fibers       10 pages

  49. NIERMEYER, Heinz and Klaus Teige
    Geschwindigkeitskonstanten der äthanolinvasion und Nachtrunk
    Rate Constants in Ethanol Invasion and Drinking After-the-Fact       14 pages

  50. NIESE, S. and W. Wiesener
    Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse von Spurenelementen in biologischen Materialien
    Neutron Activation Analysis of Trace Elements in Biological Materials       3 pages

  51. OEHLSCHLÄGER, Herbert and Helmut Fritsch
    Verbesserter Identitätsnachweis für äthanol
    Improved Procedure for the Identification of Ethanol       3 pages

  52. PETKOVITS, T., G. Bohn and B. Brinkmann
    Rechtsmedizinische und toxikologische Aspekte bei Propanol-2-Intoxikationen
    Medicolegal and Toxicological Aspects of 2-Propanol Intoxications       11 pages

  53. POHL, Klaus Dieter and Thomas Schmidle
    Serumkonzentration und Leistungsänderung nach Inhalation von elf häufig verwandten organischen Lösungsmitteln
    Serum Concentration and Change in Performance after Inhalation of Eleven Organic Solvents Frequently Used in Industry       29 pages

  54. POSTEL, W., L. Adam and M. Rustler
    Gaschromatographische Bestimmung von Glycerin und 2,3-Butandiol in Wein
    Gas Chromatographic Determination of Glycerin and 2,3-Butandiol in Wine       5 pages

  55. POSTI, J.
    Arzneimittelkonzentrationen im Plasma und im Speichel -- Physiologische und pharmakokinetische Betrachtungen
    Therapeutic Drug Concentrations in Plasma and Saliva --Physiological and Pharmacokinetic Studies       16 pages

  56. REBHAN, H. and F. Luigart
    Identifizierung des Lackbindemittels von ausgehärteten, silikat- und carbonathaltigen Lacksystemen
    Identifying the Paint Binder of Hardened Paint Systems Containing Silicate and Carbonate      3 pages

  57. REHKUGLER, Heinz and Thorsten Poddig
    Künstliche Neuronale Netze in der Finanzanalyse: Eine neue Ära der Kursprognosen?
    Artificial Neural Networks in Financial Analysis: A New Era of Forecasting Exchange Rates?       31 pages

  58. SCHATZ, W.
    How Circumstantial Evidence Can Be Used       10 pages

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