PDF files of Bell 1994 PhD thesis chapters

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Life cycle, early life history, fisheries and recruitment dynamics of diadromous gobies of Dominica, W.I., emphasising Sicydium punctatum PERUGIA

Kim Nigel Ian Bell

Biology Department

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3X9, CANADA

A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the
requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Science

JULY 1994



PDFs with minor revisions


Front pages (title, abstract, acknowledgements, TOC, abbreviations) PDF 134K

Part One: Background Information on goby fry fisheries and Dominica, W.I.

Chapter 1. Overview of life-history and fisheries of Sicydium spp., Sicyopterus spp. and allied fishes PDF 212K

Chapter 2. Dominica, W.I.: physical setting and background PDF 699K

Part Two: New information basic to further study of SICYDIUM spp.

Chapter 3. Life history of Sicydium punctatum Perugia: nesting, broodcare and larval behaviour PDF 2MB

(at the time, the life history was a matter of some speculation despite its obviousness in retrospect, Manacop's good work in the 1930s having apparently and tragically not gained acceptance, and no nests had been found in Caribbean)

Chapter 4. A reconsideration of the usage of the terms Diadromous, Anadromous and Catadromous: terminology for aquatic species which migrate between fresh and salt water PDF 318K

(argues that some terms are good descriptors but not necessarily good categories)

Chapter 5. Rheoplanktonic fish larval types in Dominica, W.I., with identification features for larvae of Sicydium punctatum PDF 257K

(first recognition of diadromous goby larval types, paving the way to species-recognition of larvae e.g. later paper in Hawaii)

Part Three: Ecological information relevant to fisheries and conservation

Chapter 6. Active Salinity Choice and Enhanced Swimming Endurance in 0-8 Day-Old Larvae of Diadromous Gobies, including Sicydium punctatum (Pisces), in Dominica, W.I. PDF 353K

(first active salinity choice by fish larvae) [see also Bell 1995 Mar. Biol.]

Chapter 7. Using Stream-Drift Data to Estimate Mortality Rates: In Situ Mortality of Recently Hatched Larvae of Diadromous Gobies at Layou River, Dominica, W.I. PDF 438K

(first direct estimate of mortality in stream drift---for any taxon)

Chapter 8. Seasonally structured variation in age-at-recruitment, size-at-recruitment, and pre-recruitment growth history of the diadromous gobies Sicydium punctatum and Sicydium antillarum (Pisces) in Dominica, W.I. PDF 658K

(first temporally structured variation in age-at-recruitment or postlarval duration) [see also Bell 1995 CJFAS]

Chapter 9. Doppler- and Mortality-Effects in Recruitment Series: Consequences of Temporal Variation in Age-At-Recruitment PDF 3MB

(Bell-Doppler theory: first application of Doppler effect outside classical physics situations of sound or light) [see also Bell 1997 CJFAS]

Summary PDF 46K

Literature Cited [now with each chapter]