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2006 Feb 17     COD, SARA, Cosewic: Listing mischief --- How DFO* tactically outclassed COSEWIC and Cabinet, and cavalierly Played Us Like Harps). MUN Biology. (Showed how the Listing process was sabotaged from the inside, and shows the conservation opportunities lost thereby, and what it means for academia.) [*meaning the bureaucratic/political levels.]

2005 Apr 26     Temporal pattern and in situ mortality: opportunities in rheoplankton. Symposium on the biology of Hawaiian streams and estuaries, Hilo, Hawai'i Apr 26-27, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources. (Invited speaker)

2005 Jan 21      Biology Department Seminar Series., Memorial U. of Nfld. "Bell-Doppler Recruitment Variation -- a new source of recruitment variation resulting from variable lags."

2000 June 10    Workshop: Institute of Biology, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City: Goby-fry fisheries, life history, synopsis of research results and summary of methods for investigation, methods of sampling gear design and construction, with introduction to periodic regression. (Requested by Prof. A. Mamaril there when I visited.)

2000 June 08    ICLARM, Los Banos, Philippines: "Goby-fry fisheries, synopsis of research results and summary of methods for investigation".

2000 June 06    Workshop on information systems for policy and technical support, Los Banos, Philippines (invited speaker, EU funded). "Introduction to NIFASSA proposed initiative". (Invited speaker)

1999 May 11    Zoology, Univ. of Port Elizabeth: "Goby-fry fisheries in Dominica, recruitment, and Doppler-like effects". Followed by informal discussion and information session on circular statistics and periodic regression.

1998 Sept. 17  Workshop at PARADI/FISA conference, following interest expressed in topic of talk on ethics of disclosure in science and resource management.

1998 Sept. 14  PARADI/FISA conference on African fish and Fisheries, Grahamstown Sept 13-19. Oral presentation: "An object lesson for demersal African fisheries from the collapse of Canadian Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua)".

1998 Aug. 20   Zoology, Rhodes: "Goby-fry fisheries and Doppler-like recruitment phenomena".

1998 Aug. 17   Dept. Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, Rhodes -- afternoon seminar for honours students: "The collapse of Cod in Canada in the 1990s: scientific, social, economic and ethical dimensions".

1998 April         Committee on Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Ottawa: Participation in discussion of Status of Atlantic Cod, for which I had written the 1998 Status Report. (Travel from South Africa paid by Canadian Geographic (no strings))

1997 Oct 02      Introductory talk for Hugh Kelly Fellowship, Rhodes Univ/ JLB Smith Inst. Ichthyol., Grahamstown, South Africa: "Life history and recruitment dynamics of Sicydium punctatum in Dominica, and possible extension to comparative work in South Africa".

1997 April         Committee on Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Ottawa: Participation in discussion of Status of Atlantic Cod, for which I had written the 1997 Status Report. (Expenses covered by WWF)

1996 June 16    ASIH meetings, New Orleans, June 1996, oral presentation: "Variation in age-at-recruitment can drive recruitment dynamics: the example of Sicydium spp. (Pisces: Gobiidae) in Dominica, West Indies".

1996 Mar. ~20        Forest Sciences / Cent. for Cons. Biology, UBC, Departmental seminar: "Gobies, early life history, recruitment dynamics".

1995       M.U.N. Biology Dept. seminar series, Spring: "Doppler effects in recruitment, and periodic regression".

1994       M.U.N. Biology Dept. seminar series, Weds. Oct. 26: "Life cycle, early life history, fisheries and Doppler effects in recruitment dynamics of diadromous gobies of Dominica, W.I." (I gave this overview of thesis work, following defence Oct. 20, to invite questions that the defence format didn't allow from the audience).

1994       At the 18th Annual Larval fish Conference (AFS), St. Andrews, New Brunswick June 26-28 (talk on 28th) 1994, the talk: "Seasonal, Cyclic Variation in Age-at-Recruitment of Sicydium spp. in Dominica, W.I.., and its Implications for Recruitment Dynamics"

1993       Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland, Tuesday seminar series: "Age at Recruitment and Seasonal Fishery Variation in Sicydium punctatum in Dominica, W.I." (Earlier presented in seminar series, Biology, MUN. Given at Fisheries in order to obtain the strongest possible criticism -- all they asked was "people really eat these tiny fish?")

1993 Jan.            At the first International Otolith Symposium (Hilton Head, S.C. 23-27 January). Seasonal fishery yields are inversely related to age-at-recruitment", oral paper "Age at Recruitment and Seasonal Fishery Variation in Sicydium punctatum in Dominica, W.I."

1992       At CCFR (Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research), Halifax, January 3-4. "Age at recruitment of anadromous Sicydium punctatum " (Seasonal fishery variation is apparently not explained by variation in natality, hence I hypothesise that it may be explained by variation in survival or stage duration).

1990       Bell, K. N. I. and Brown, J. A. 1990. Poster: Aspects of the early life history of an anadromous goby in Dominica, W.I. At: Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes, Northern Arizona Univ., May19-23,1990.

1990       At conference (May) on Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes, Flagstaff, Arizona: poster "Larval behaviour of Sicydium punctatum : implications for the early life history".

1990       At Ocean Sciences Centre, Friday Seminars (January): talk "Interim results of research on Sicydium punctatum and related gobies of Dominica, W.I."

1989       At Memorial University Biology Departmental Seminar series: talk on "Grazing Rates of Pleurobrachia pileus - there are individual differences".

1989       Memorial University Biology Department Ecology Discussion group seminars: "Evolution of Anadromy - a different view".

1988       Dalhousie University, MSc. Thesis Defense: "Grazing Rates of Pleurobrachia pileus".

1988       Dalhousie University Biology Departmental Seminars: "Sicydiine gobies of the Caribbean".

1988       Dalhousie University Biology Informal Seminars: "Research on Grazing Rates of Pleurobrachia pileus".