Class 3
Newfoundland's first peoples


Moses Harvey

Harvey a man of the 19th century

Harvey on the Micmac

Harvey's picture of the Beothuks

Harvey's picture of the Beothuks

19th century views of 'savages'

The 'childhood of man'

Ralph Pastore

Why did they disappear?

The Beothuks

The Beothuks

The Beothuks

Why did Beothuks disappear?

Why no trade?

Fish versus fur trades

Beothuks & migratory fishery

The Micmac

When did Micmac come to Newfoundland?

Places in history of the Micmac

Micmac differences

Domain of Islands

A world political system

Micmac in Newfoundland

Develop and perish

The effect of the railway

Effect on Micmac

Pulped and papered

Cultural assimilation

Cultural revival

Different fates

General lessons?