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Recent Publications

Some of Dr. Rankin's recent publications are illustrated below.

Dr. Rankin's Ph.D. research in southwestern Ontario was published in the British Archaeological Reports (BAR).


In 2004, Dr. Rankin organized an internationally attended conference to mark the retirement of Dr. Jim Tuck from Memorial's Archaeology Unit. The papers were published in the BAR in 2006. Dr. Rankin's paper in this volume is entitled A Labrador Archaic Longhouse site at Sandy Cove, Labrador: Life on the south side of Groswater Bay.


In 2004, Dr. Rankin attended the North Atlantic Biocultural Organization (NABO) conference in Copenhagen, and presented a paper entitled Colonizing Labrador: The Actions and Reactions of the Paleo-Eskimo, written in collaboration with 4th year student Lori Squires. The conference proceedings were published in 2006 by the Danish National Museum.


In 2008 Dr. Rankin contributed the first chapter of a new volume on the history of Newfoundland and Labrador produced by the Newfoundland Historical Society. Entitled Native Peoples from the Ice Age to the Extinction of the Beothuk the chapter outlines the pre-contact history of the province.

Native Peoples from the Ice Age to the Extinction of the Beothuk


Un-caching Hunter-Gatherer Culture in Labrador: From Daily Life to Long-Term History 2008
In 2008 the first edition of North Atlantic Archaeology was published by the Archaeology Unit, Memorial University. Dr. Rankin's paper in this volume is entitled Un-caching Hunter-Gatherer Culture in Labrador: From Daily Life to Long-Term History. She also contributed to another paper in this volume submitted by research collaborator and geo-archaeologist Dr. Richard Josephs called Micromorphological Investigations at Upper Sandy Cove 3 and Porcupine Strand 23 Archaeological Sites, Labrador.


Based on the excavation of a known Inuit-Metis House in Sandwich Bay, Labrador, the article "Attributing Cultural Affiliation to Sod Structures in Labrador: A Labrador Metis Example from North River" by Matthew Beaudoin, Richard Josephs and Lisa Rankin (pg. 148-173) attempts to outline the primary elements of an Inuit Metis dwelling. This publication set the stage for a much bigger project called "Understanding the past to Build the Future" which aims to develop a much fuller history of Labrador's Inuit Metis.

Canadian Journal Archaeology Cover


Labrador Inuit Book Cover 2012
"Southern Exposure: the Inuit of Sandwich Bay" by Lisa Rankin, Matthew Beaudoin and Natalie Brewster (pg. 61-84) outlines our understanding of Inuit and Inuit-Metis history in southern Labrador up to 2009.


"A People for All Seasons: Expressions of Inuit Identity over the past 500 years in Southern Labrador" (pg. 332-340) by Lisa Rankin not only discusses what we know about the Inuit and Inuit-Metis presence in Sandwich Bay, Labrador but details why it has been so difficult to identify the Inuit past in southern Labrador.

Chacmool Book Cover


CD Label Porto Conference 2012
CD Label Porto Conference. More information to follow.


Both "Thule radiocarbon chronology and its implications for early Inuit-European interaction in Labrador" (pg. 299-309) by Peter G. Ramsden and Lisa K. Rankin, and "The Role of the Inuit in the European Settlement of Sandwich Bay, Labrador" (pg. 310-319) by Lisa K. Rankin provide new data about the Inuit settlement of Labrador and their southern colonization.

Exploring Atlantic Transitions Book Cover


International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development Cover 2012
"The Labrador Metis and the Politics of Identity; Understanding the Archaeological Past to Negotiate a Sustainable Future" (pg. 71-79) by Lisa Rankin and Amanda Crompton comments on the importance of archaeological research to the contemporary Inuit Metis as they fight for recognition during a period of natural resource development in their traditional territory.