Courses Taught

My primary teaching interests are in the sociology and politics of international development, foreign aid, globalization, and gender. I have taught junior and senior level undergraduate courses in these areas, as well as teaching research methods at the graduate level. Some of my recent course outlines are provided below.

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    SOCI 6040 - Fall 2015

    Advanced Quantitative Methodsview →

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    SOCI 6880 - Fall 2015

    Sociology Graduate Seminarview →

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    SOCI 3260 - Winter 2015

    Social & Economic Developmentview →

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    SOCI 4093 - Winter 2015

    Development Sociologyview →

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    EMRE 6010 - Fall 2014

    Quantitative Methodsview →

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    SOCI 2250 - Winter 2014

    The Changing Worldview →

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    SOCI 4230 - Winter 2014

    Gender & Developmentview →

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    SOCI 2250 - Spring 2012

    The Changing World (DELT)view →


Simulafri is an in-class simulation exercise I developed to help students learn about foreign aid and international development. Students play the roles of cabinet ministers in a fictional Sub-Saharan African nation and attempt to steer the country through the complex power politics of development planning, donor relations, and democratization. Simulafri is aimed at a senior undergraduate level and can work with groups as small as five. The simulation can be structured as one 2.5 hour session or two shorter sessions of 75 minutes each. If you are interested in learning more about the Simulafri exercise or would like to consider using it for instructional purposes, please contact me for more information.