Michael Deal

Research Interests

Archaeological Theory and Method
Ceramic Studies
Industrial Archaeology

Eastern Canada

Sample Publications:

2006: Aviation Archaeology of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland. In From Arctic to Avalon: Papers in Honour of Jim Tuck, edited by L. Rankin and P. Ramsden, pp. 139-156. BAR International Series 1507, Oxford.

2005: Palaeoethnobotanical Research at Port au Choix. In Humans on the Landscape: Multi-disciplinary Studies at Port au Choix, edited by T. Bell, and M.A.P. Renouf. Newfoundland and Labrador Studies 20(1):133-159.

(M. Deal and A. Butt) The Great Want: current research in Beothuk paleoethnobotany. In Hunter-gatherer archaeobotany: perspectives from the northern temporate zone, edited by S. L. Mason and J. G. Hather, pp. 15-27. Institute of Archaeology, University College of London, London. (2003).

Aboriginal land and resource use in New Brunswick during the late prehistoric and early historic period. In Northeast subsistence-settlement change D. 700-1300, edited by J. P. Hart and C. B. Rieth, pp. 321-344. New York State Museum Bulletin 496, Albany (2002).

Pottery ethnoarchaeology in the Central Maya Highlands. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake (1998).

Prehistoric archaeology in the Maritime Provinces: past and present research. Council of Maritime Premiers, Fredericton. (Edited by M. Deal and S. Blair, 1991).

Pottery disposal in the Highland Maya household: an ethnoarchaeological perspective. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 4:243-291 (1985).


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