Michele DuRand's Home Page

I am in beautiful St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Check today's weather.

Michele Ocean Sciences Centre

I am currently at the Ocean Sciences Centre (at Logy Bay, pictured above) of Memorial University of Newfoundland where I am a Postdoctoral Fellow. I also teach a summer field course for the Biology Department at MUN and collaborate with scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

My research interests include:
   Phytoplankton Ecology - abundance, distributions and productivity of phytoplankton in open ocean and coastal waters and
   Bio-optical Oceanography - relationships between phytoplankton and water column optical properties, diel variations in phytoplankton optical properties, flow cytometric analyses of individual particles, growth rate estimates from individual cell optical properties.
   If you wish, you can see a list of my publications and presentations.



Paul Kacy and Savory
I'm married to Paul Snelgrove, also a biological oceanographer with a PhD from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program. Paul is a Newfoundlander and an Associate Professor at his alma mater, MUN. He's a Canada Research Chair in Boreal and Cold Ocean Systems at the OSC. We have two yellow labs, Savory (from Portugal Cove, NF) and Kacy (from Torbay, NF). For more recent pictures, check out the pups' home page.

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