Catalina/Port Union Area in 1926
(Source: Year Book and Almanac of Newfoundland, 1926)

Inspector of Weights and Measures
- A. Clouter, Catalina

Relieving Officer
- D. Bursey, Catalina

Medical Practioner
- A.P. McKay, Catalina

Post Office and Telegraph
- Jessie Quinton, Catalina
- Daniel King, Telegraph Operator, Assistant, Anita Rendell, Port Union

Catalina Church of England School Board (member and date of appointment)
- Rev. T.W. Upwards (Chairman); Edward Stone (1918); Samuel Mifflin (1923); James White (1923); Albert Haynes (1925); L.J. Raymond (1925); George T. Gullage (1925); Robert Guy (1925).

Port Union Church of England School Board
- Rev. Upwards (Chairman); Hon. W.F. Coaker; Samuel J. Bishop; Daniel King; George B. Mifflin (1925).

Catalina Methodist School Board
- Rev. H.G. Coppin, Chairman; Simeon Reid; James Jones, Charles F. Snelgrove, Joseph Johnson, Jabez Johnson, John T. Dalton, Hohn Hicks Sr., David Norman.

Commissioners of Supreme Court within Newfoundland (Commissioners are authorized to take affidavits in any case pending in the Supreme Court, and to take affidavits and acknowledgements in proof of Deeds.)
- S.J. Bishop, Port Union

Deputy Sheriff
- George Lodge, Catalina

Justice of the Peace
- Peter Coleridge, Catalina
- Victor Martin, Catalina
- Solomon Samson, Catalina

- S.J. Bishop, Port Union

- Sgt. Stephen White, Catalina

Customs Collector
- S.J. Bishop, Port Union

Deputy Surveyor, Department of Agriculture and Mines
- S. Mifflin, A. Haines, Catalina

Catalina Road Board
- Eli Collins (Chairman), John Hicks (Deputy Chairman), Jeremiah Lane, Jonathan Edwards

Port Union Road Board
- Jessie Brown (Chairman), Robert Nolan (Deputy), John Pardy.

Catalina Ministers
- Rev. T.W. Upwards (Church of England, Catalina)
- Harry G. Coppin (Methodist, and President of Methodist Conference); R.S. - J. Stuart Courage
- Capt. Martin (Salvation Army, Catalina)

Catalina branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia
- E.J. Lutz, Manager