Newfoundland Directory, 1936(St. John's: Newfoundland Directories, 1936)

Baggs, George (MD)

Bailey, Cyril (fisherman)

Baker, Ed (fisherman)

Baker, Herbert (teamster)

Baker, James (fisherman)

Baker, Simeon (fisherman)

Baker, William (fisherman)

Barnes, Henry (fisherman)

Blackmore, Maxwell (teacher, C of E School)

Blundon, Moses (fisherman)

Blundon, Noah (fisherman)

Blundon, Robert (fisherman)

Bright, Charles (fisherman)

Bright, Joseph (fisherman)

Brine, George (labourer)

Brine, John (fisherman)

Brown, Clarence (fisherman)

Brown, Frederick (schooner master, P. Templeman Ltd)

Brushett, Eric (farmer)

Brushett, Frederick (fisherman)

Bursey, David (fisherman)

Bursey, Miss Louie (cash store manager, Fisherman's Union Trading Co Ltd)

Bursey, Richard (fisherman)

Bursey, Thomas (fisherman)

Burton, Garland (fisherman)

Carter, Augustus (labourer)

Carter, Frederick (line repairer)

Chard, Joseph (fisherman)

Clouter, Allan (fisherman)

Clouter, Arch (fisherman)

Clouter, Frederick (labourer)

Clouter, Garland (fisherman)

Clouter, Miss Genevieve (teacher UC School)

Clouter, John W (clerk)

Clouter, Malcolm (clerk, Buchans)

Clouter, Sidney H (fisherman)

Clouter, Wm Donald (fisherman)

Clouter, Wm Ross (shoemaker)

Coleridge, Peter (JP, general dealer)

Courage, Fred (2nd officer, SS Sagona)

Courage, Harvey (labourer)

Courage, Jas Stewart (agent, J.T. Swyers & Co Ltd)

Courage, John G (fisherman)

Dalton, Donald (fisherman)

Dalton, Edison (fisherman)

Dalton, Thomas A (fisherman)

Day, Latyon (confectionary)

Dinn, Miss Gertie (teacher)

Duffett, Albert (fisherman)

Duffett, Chesley (fisherman)

Duffett, Frank (fisherman)

Duffett, George (fisherman)

Duffett, John Jr (fisherman)

Duffett, John Sr (fisherman)

Duffett, Stephen (fisherman)

Eddy, Albert (fisherman)

Eddy, Henry (fisherman)

Edwards, Jonathan (fisherman)

Edwards, Norman (fisherman)

Edwards, Richard (fisherman)

Elliott, Heber T (fisherman)

Elliott, Samuel (fisherman)

Fishermen's Union Trading Co Ltd (branch of Port Union) general dealers and fish merchants

Goodyear, Boyd (fisherman)

Goodyear, George (fisherman)

Gould, Albert (fisherman)

Gould, Herbert (fisherman)

Granger, Charles (carpenter)

Granger, David (carpenter)

Gullage, Chester (fisherman)

Gullage, Edwin (fisherman)

Gullage, Frederick H (fisherman)

Gullage, George Jr (fisherman)

Gullage, George Sr (fisherman)

Gullage, Isaac (fisherman)

Gullage, Joseph (fisherman)

Gullage, Selby (fisherman)

Gullage, William (fisherman)

Guy, Albert (fisherman)

Guy, Capt. Robert (coaster)

Guy, Vincent J (JP, general blacksmith agent for Acadia Engines dealer in motor accessories repairs to motor cars and motor engines, etc)

Hart, Frederick (fisherman)

Hart, Ralph (fisherman)

Hart, Randolph (section foreman)

Hart, Theodore (fisherman)

Haynes, Capt. Albert

Haynes, Alex Jr (fisherman)

Haynes, Alex Sr (fisherman)

Haynes, Francis (fisherman)

Haynes, George (fisherman)

Haynes, Miss Jean (teacher, C of E School)

Haynes, James R (clerk, P. Templeman Ltd)

Haynes, Robert G (general dealer)

Haynes, Stewart (fisherman)

Haynes, Miss Susan (clerk, P. Templeman Ltd)

Haynes, William of A (fisherman)

Haynes, William (general dealer)

Hicks, Albert (fisherman)

Hicks, Everett (carpenter)

Hicks, George (fisherman)

Hicks, John of Samuel (fisherman)

Hicks, John Sr (fisherman)

Hicks, Ronald (fisherman)

Higgins, Herbert (fisherman)

Higgins, Samuel Jr (fisherman)

Higgins, Samuel Sr (fisherman)

Hiscock, Alex (fisherman)

Hiscock, Ed (fisherman)

Hiscock, Joseph (fisherman)

Hiscock, Peter of Taylor (fisherman)

Hiscock, Peter Sr (fisherman)

Hiscock, Robert (fisherman)

Hiscock, Taylor (fisherman)

Hiscock, William (fisherman)

House, Ed (fisherman)

House, Gordon (fisherman)

House, Harold (fisherman)

House, James (fisherman)

House, Max (fisherman)

House, Robert (fisherman)

House, Robie (fisherman)

House, Capt Ronald (light house keeper, Green Island)

House, Stewart (fisherman)

House, William (fisherman)

House, George (2nd Mate, SS Clyde)

Humphries, Leo ((fisherman)

Humphries, Patrick ((fisherman)

Humphries, William (fisherman)

Hunt, Walter (fisherman)

Hunt, William (fisherman)

Hunt, James (fisherman)

Hunt, Michael (fisherman)

Hunt, Thomas (fisherman)

Jeans, Claude (fisherman)

Jeans, Walter (fisherman)

Jones, Ed (cooper)

Jones, John (cooper)

Joy, Alphonso (cooper)

Joy, James of Jas (fisherman)

Joy, James Sr (fisherman)

Joy, John Sr (fisherman)

Joy, John of Jas (fisherman)

Joy, Joseph (fisherman)

Joy, Leo (fisherman)

Keel, James Jr (fisherman)

Keel, James Sr (fisherman)

Keel, William (fisherman)

King, Baxter (fisherman)

King, Caleb (fisherman)

King, Cephas (fisherman)

King, Edison (accountant, P. Templeman Ltd )

King, Miss Florence (clerk, R. Parsons)

King, Harold S (telegraph operator)

King, Thomas (fisherman)

King, Woodbine (fisherman

Lane, Jeremiah (fisherman)

Lane, John (fisherman)

Lane, Miss Lucy C (teacher, C of E School)

Lane, Michael (fisherman)

Lane, Thomas (fisherman)

Lane, William Jr (fisherman)

Lane, William Sr (fisherman)

Lodge, R. A (general merchant)

McCormack & Walsh (general dealers)

Manuel, John of John (fisherman)

Manuel, John Sr (fisherman)

Manuel, John of Thomas (fisherman)

Manuel, Joseph of John (fisherman)

Manuel, Joseph G (fisherman)

Manuel, Isaac (fisherman)

Manuel, Samuel (fisherman)

Manuel, Stewart (fisherman)

Manuel, Thomas (fisherman)

Manuel, Victor (fisherman)

Martin, Victor (fisherman)

Martin, Victor P (carpenter)

Mason, John H (fisherman)

Mason, Matthew Jr (fisherman)

Mason, Matthew Sr (fisherman)

Mason, Patrick (fisherman)

Mason, Thomas (fisherman)

Mason, Vincent (fisherman)

Mercer, Miss Maude (stenographer, Fishermen's Union Trading Co Ltd)

Mercer, Rev R.F (C of E)

Mifflin, Gordon (labourer)

Mifflin, Samuel (general manager, P. Templeman Ltd)

Miles, Edward (fisherman)

Moore, Chesley (agent, Newfoundland Railway)

Mullins, Ed (fisherman)

Mullins, Ed (fisherman)

Murphy, Augustus (bookkeeper, McCormack & Walsh)

Murphy, Bernard (clerk, McCormack & Walsh)

Murphy, John (merchant)

Nolan, Frederick (fisherman)

Nolan, Robert (general dealer)

Norman, Ed John (fisherman)

Norman, George (fisherman)

Norman, Llewelyn (fisherman)

Norman, William (fisherman)

Parsons, Roland (general dealer)

Peacock, Rec Charles E (UC)

Pearce, Theodore (fisherman)

Perry, Joseph (clerk)

Perry, Mundon (labourer)

Pomeroy, George (customs officer, Port Union)

Pomeroy, William (fisherman)

Randell, Cecil (railway relieving agent)

Randell, Clement (cler, P. Coleridge)

Raymond, John Sr (fisherman)

Raymond, Wallace (tinsmith)

Raymond, John (tinplate and sheet metal worker, dealer in stoves, castings, etc, established 1911)

Reid, A. E (fireman)

Reid, Chesley (mechanic)

Reid, Simeon (wharfinger, P. Templeman Ltd)

Rodgers, Zebedee (grocer)

Rose, Constable H.

Rowe, Charles (fisherman)

Rowe, Garland (fisherman)

Rowe, Gordon (fisherman)

Rowe, Samson (fisherman)

Rowe, William (labourer)

Russell, Edmund (fisherman)

Russell, George (fisherman)

Russell, James Jr (fisherman)

Russell, James Sr (fisherman)

Russell, John Sr (fisherman)

Russell, John of Ed (fisherman)

Russell, John of Thomas (fisherman)

Russell, Thomas (fisherman)

Russell, William (fisherman)

Ryan, Basil (teamster)

Ryan, Clarence (fisherman)

Ryan, John (fisherman)

Ryan, Robert (fisherman)

Ryan, Patrick F (retired merchant)

Sheppard, Adam (fisherman)

Sheppard, Alfred (fisherman)

Sheppard, Arthur (fisherman)

Sheppard, Edgar (fisherman)

Sheppard, Ed of James (fisherman)

Sheppard, Eli (fisherman)

Sheppard, Frederick (fisherman)

Sheppard, Gideon (fisherman)

Sheppard, Herbert (fisherman)

Sheppard, James (fisherman)

Sheppard, John (fisherman)

Sheppard, Joseph (fisherman

Sheppard, Kenneth (lighthouse keeper, Green Island)

Sheppard, Peter (fisherman)

Sheppard, Philip (fisherman)

Sheppard, William Robert (fisherman)

Shields, W.S (manager, Bank of Nova Scotia)

Spurdle, John (fisherman)

Squires, Capt. S (SA officer)

Stagg, Augustus (fisherman)

Stagg, Claude (fisherman)

Stagg, John (general dealer)

Stagg, John Sr (fisherman)

Stanley, Charles (fisherman)

Steed, Benjamin (fisherman)

Steed, Dugald (fisherman)

Stickley, John of Jno (fisherman0

Stickley, John of J (fisherman)

Stone, Ed G (fisherman)

Sutton, George (fisherman)

Sutton, James (clerk, P. Templeman Ltd)

Sweet, Joseph (fisherman)

Sweet, Thomas (fisherman)

Sweetland, Ernest (seaman, SS Sagona)

Templeman, Philip Ltd (general dealers and fish merchants)

Tippett, James (fisherman)

Tippett, John (fisherman)

Tippett, William (cooper)

Torraville, Charles (fisherman)

Torraville, Harold (general dealer)

Walsh, John (farmer)

Walsh, Michael (fisherman)

Way, John (clerk, Z. Rodgers)

White, Abel (fisherman)

White, Miss Catherine (postmistress)

White, Dugald (tidewaiter, H.M. Customs)fisherman

White, Edgar (fisherman)

White, Frederick (fisherman)

White, James (fisherman)

White, James (fisherman)

White, Joseph (fisherman)

White, Raymond (fisherman)

White, Thomas (fisherman)

White, Victorious (fisherman)

White, Warren (fisherman)

White, William (fisherman)