"Port Union" in R. Hibbs, Newfoundland for Business and Pleasure: The Country - Its People - and the Opportunity it offers other People (St. John's, 1925), pp. 79-80.

Port Union - The largest industrial centre outside St. John's. Here is located the headquarters of The Fishermen's Protective Union and The Union Trading Co., Newfoundland's biggest co-operative movement. Founded in 1909 [sic] by Sir William Ford Coaker, K.B.E., it has grown to be the biggest factor in the commercial life of the country. Here is located the gigantic stores, warehouses, shipping piers, shipbuilding dockyards of the Union Trading Co., the plant of the Union Electric Light and Power Company, and the printing plant of the Fishermen's Advocate newspaper. Operating in connection with the Port Union Plant are some forty co-operative stores. These stores are located in the principal centres of the northern section of the Island. The Union Trading Co. does an enormous export business in codfish and other fishery products and maintains representatives in all the principal European fish centres. Excellent partridge shooting and trout fishing may be had a short distance from Port Union and other pleasure seekers can make arrangements for motor tours to the principal towns nearby. Steamers call regularly coming and going from St. John's. The town is well lighted and has some splendid buildings, chief amongst them being Congress Hall, built on an imposing elevation above the town. Mail and telegraphic communication is up to the minute and the town is fast growing in population. Tourists and all visitors are always welcome at the Union Trading Co. premises where a modern up-to-date plant is daily operating for the packing and marking of codfish for market. It is a not unfrequent sight to see hundreds of fishing vessels laying in port to discharge their cargoes, or see large steamers loading fish cargoes for European ports.

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