Capt. James Jones (Port Union)


Jack Scammell

(Source: Fishermen's Advocate December 24, 1937)

It was with deep regret that we briefly recorded in our last week's issue, the sudden passing of Capt. James Jones, of this town, who died in his sleep in the early hours in the 69th year of his age. He had not been in good health for some time past, but recently seemed to show much improvement and was out and around every day, even up to the evening preceding his death.

The late Capt. Jones was formerly a resident of Little Bay Islands, where he was an independent planter and prosecuted the Labrador fishery with more than average success.

Late in 1916 or early in 1917 he came to Port Union to supervise construction of the Shipbuilding plant and to get things, generally, in order for shipbuilding. He was appointed Superintendent of Shipbuilding, which position he held until the plant ceased operations some three years ago. His family moved here from Little Bay Islands in May 1917, and later Capt. Jones built a home here, which added considerably to the town's attractiveness.

During the time he was Master Shipbuilder he superintended the construction of thirty vessels from 400 tons in size downward. He was a faithful worker and was in his proper element in the job that was his. He always got along well with the men who were employed under him and they, in turn, all worked well with him.

He was a staunch member of the United Church and gave unsparingly of his time and money in the cause of church and school. He was also a good citizen generally, and helped out every good cause irrespective of class or creed. His charities were many but were rarely known of except by a few of his intimate friends.

The late Capt. Jones took an interest in the F.P.U. from its inception. He was the first Chairman of the Council in Port Union. He invested largely in various Union Companies and was for many years a Director of the Fishermen's Union Trading Co., Ltd...

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